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21 results for Relais
Word division: Re·lais
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Relais {n} [electr.] relay [listen]

Relais {pl} relays

anzugsverzögertes/verzögertes Relais; Relais mit verzögertem Anzug time-delay relay

Auslöserelais {n} trip relay

Hilfsrelais {n} auxiliary relay

Klappankerrelais {n} cutout blade relay

Nachlaufrelais {n} time delay relay

Pendelschutzrelais {n} antisquegging relay

Sperrrelais {n}; Halterelais {n}; selbsthaltendes Relais locking relay

Stromstoßrelais {n}; Stromstoßschalter {m} latching relay; time pulse relay; pulse relay

Stützrelais {n} [telco.] latching relay

Tauchkernrelais {n}; Tauchrelais {n} dipper relay; plunger relay

Unterstromrelais {n} undercurrent relay

Verriegelungsrelais {n} interlock relay; latch relay

Wischkontaktrelais {n} wiping contact relay

Zusatzrelais {n} additional relay

zweistufiges Relais double-acting relay; double-action relay

Abfall/Abfallen eines Relais drop-out; release of a relay

Abfallspannung eines Relais drop-out voltage of a relay

Einstellwert eines Relais set point of a relay

Abfallzeit {f}; Rückfallzeit {f} (eines Relais) release time; drop-out time (of a relay)

Ankerabfallverzögerung {f} (Relais) [electr.] controlled drop-away; controlled dropout (relay)

hinterer Anschlag {m} der Kontaktfeder (Relais) [electr.] backstop; spacing stop (relay)

Ansprechempfindlichkeit {f}; Anzugsempfindlichkeit {f} (Relais) [electr.] response sensitivity; responding sensitivity; pull-in sensitivity; responsitivity; responsiveness (relay) [listen]

Ansprechzeit {f} (eines Relais) [electr.] pick-up time; operate time (of a relay)

Anzugstrom {m} (Relais) [electr.] pick-up current; pull-in current (relay)

Anzugszeit {f} (eines Relais) [electr.] pull-in time; operating time (of a relay)

zwischen den Kontakten hängenbleiben {vi} (Relais) [electr.] to blackout (relay)

Kontaktschließzeit {f}; Schließzeit {f} (eines Relais) [electr.] make time (of a relay)

Pumpenmotor-Relais {n} pump motor relay

Selbsthaltung {f} (Relais) [electr.] lock; catch (relay) [listen] [listen]

Sockel {m} (Relais; Transistor) [electr.] [listen] header (relay; transistor) [listen]

Überspannungsrelais {n} [electr.] overvoltage relais; maximum voltage relay

Umschlagzeit {f} (Relais) [electr.] change-over time; transit time (relay)

Verzögerungswicklung {f}; Kupfermantel {m} (Relais) [electr.] slug (of a relay) [listen]

Kennlinie {f}; Charakteristik {f} [math.] [electr.] characteristic; characteristic curve; characteristic line; performance curve [listen]

Kennlinien {pl}; Charakteristiken {pl} characteristics; characteristic curves; characteristic lines; performance curves [listen]

Kennlinienschar {f}; Kennlinienfeld {n} family of characteristics

Belastungskennlinie {f} [techn.] load characteristic

Federkennlinie {f} [techn.] spring characteristics

Heizkennlinie {f} heating characteristics

Kurzschlusskennlinie {f} [electr.] locked rotor impedance characteristic (asynchronous machine)

Leerlaufkennlinie {f}; Leerlaufcharakteristik {f} no-load characteristic

Schutzkennlinie {f} (eines Schalters/Relais) [electr.] selectivity characteristic (of a switch/relay)

Sondenkennlinie {f} (Röhre) [electr.] probe characteristic

Kennlinie eines Seismografen response curve of a seismograph

Pendelsperre {f} (bei Schutzrelais) [electr.] surge guard (in protective relais)

Pendelsperren {pl} surge guards

Spule {f} [electr.] [listen] coil [listen]

Spulen {pl} coils

asymmetrische Spule skew coil

Anzugsspule {f} (Schalter; Relais) trip coil (switch, relay)

Bandspule {f} ribbon coil

Jochspule {f} yoked coil

Zitterspule {f} bucking coil

selbsthaltend {adj} (Relais) [electr.] locking; sealing; trigger ... [listen] [listen]

nicht selbsthaltend {adj} non-locking

selbsttätig; Selbst...; automatisch {adj} [techn.] [listen] [listen] self-acting; automatic [listen]

selbstschaltendes Relais {n} [electr.] self-acting relay

Selbstschalter {m}; Selbstunterbrecher {m} [electr.] self-acting switch; self-acting circuit breaker

selbsttätige Zuführvorrichtung {f} self-acting feed apparatus

automatisches Schützentor {n} self-acting shutter

Regelungssystem {n} ohne Hilfsenergie self-acting control system

eine vollautomatische Maschine a self-acting machine
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