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rasten {vi} to rest; to have a rest; to have a break; to take a break [listen] [listen]

rastend resting; having a rest; having a break; taking a break [listen]

gerastet rested; had a rest; had a break; taken a break

einrasten; rasten {vi} [techn.] to catch; to latch/snap/lock into place; to latch/snap/lock into position [listen]

einrastend; rastend catching; latching/snapping/locking into place; latching/snapping/locking into position

eingerastet; gerastet caught; latched/snapped/locked into place; latched/snapped/locked into position [listen]

einrastende Drucktaste push-push switch; latching switch; push-to-lock switch [Austr.]

einrastende Flachsteckverbindung snap-in connector

hörbar einrasten to click into place

bis zum Einrasten until it/they latch/snap/lock/click into place

Wer rastet, der rostet. [Sprw.] A rolling stone gathers no moss. [prov.]; If you rest you rust. [prov.]; Use it or lose it. [prov.]

Fußraste {f} footrest

Fußrasten {pl} footrests

Rast {f}; Pause {f} break [listen]

Rasten {pl}; Pausen {pl} breaks

Raste {f}; Anschlag {m} [techn.] [listen] catch; notch [listen] [listen]

Rasten {pl}; Anschläge {pl} catches; notches

rasen {vi} [listen] to career; to careen [Am.] [listen]

rasend careering; careening

gerast careerred; careened

Drei Autos rasten die Straße runter. Three cars careered down the road.