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18 results for Röhre
Word division: Röh·re
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Fernsehgerät {n}; Fernsehapparat {m}; Fernseher {m}; Flimmerkiste {f} [humor.]; Mattscheibe {f} [ugs.]; Röhre {f} [ugs.]; Glotze {f} [Dt.] [ugs.] [pej.] [listen] [listen] television set; TV set; television; TV; telly; boob tube [Am.] [coll.]; idiot box [coll.] [listen] [listen] [listen]

Fernsehgeräte {pl}; Fernsehapparate {pl}; Fernseher {pl}; Flimmerkisten {pl}; Mattscheiben {pl}; Röhren {pl}; Glotzen {pl} [listen] television sets; TV sets; televisions; TVs; tellies; boob tubes; idiot boxes

Flachbildfernsehgerät {n}; Flachbildfernseher {m} flat-panel television; flat-panel TV

LCD-Fernsehgerät {n}; LCD-Fernseher {m} LCD television; LCD-TV

in die Rückenlehne eingebauter Fernseher in-set TV; at-seat TV

den Abend vor der Flimmerkiste / Glotze verbringen to spent the evening in front of the boob tube

Röhre {f} [listen] tube [listen]

Röhren {pl} tubes [listen]

Geißlersche Röhre {f} Geissler tube

Tube {f}; Röhre {f} [anat.] [listen] tube [listen]

Tuben {pl}; Röhren {pl} tubes [listen]

Backofen {m}; Ofen {m} [ugs.]; Backröhre {f}; Röhre {f} [ugs.]; Backrohr {n} [Ös.]; Rohr {n} [ugs.] [Ös.] [listen] [listen] [listen] baking oven; oven [listen]

Backöfen {pl}; Öfen {pl}; Backröhren {pl}; Röhren {pl}; Backrohre {pl}; Rohre {pl} baking ovens; ovens

(separater) Backofen built-in oven

Backröhre (im Herd) built-under oven

(gewerblicher) Backofen mit Auszugsherd draw-plate baking oven

Röhre {f}; Gang {m}; Ductus {m} [anat.] [listen] [listen] duct [listen]

gasgefüllte Röhre {f}; Gasentladungsröhre {f}; Entladungsröhre {f}; Ionenröhre {f} [electr.] gas-filled tube; gas-discharge tube; gas tube; discharge tube

gasgefüllte Röhren {pl}; Gasentladungsröhren {pl}; Entladungsröhren {pl}; Ionenröhren {pl} gas-filled tubes; gas-discharge tubes; gas tubes; discharge tubes

Bogenentladungsröhre {f} arc discharge tube

Eustachische Röhre {f} (im Ohr) [anat.] Eustachian tube (in the ear)

Fußröhre {f}; Saugrohr {n} (Pumpe) [techn.] foot pipe; tail pipe (pump)

Fußröhren {pl}; Saugrohre {pl} foot pipes; tail pipes

Kathodenstrahlröhre {f}; Braun'sche Röhre {f} [electr.] cathode ray tube /CRT/

Kathodenstrahlröhren {pl}; Braun'sche Röhren {pl} cathode ray tubes

Linearstrahlröhre {f}; O-Typ-Röhre {f} linear beam tube; O-type tube

Linearstrahlröhren {pl}; O-Typ-Röhren {pl} linear beam tubes; O-type tubes

SEC-Röhre {f} [electr.] intrinsic electron conduction valve

SEC-Röhren {pl} intrinsic electron conduction valves

Spannungsabfall-Temperaturkoeffizient {m} (Röhre) [electr.] temperature coefficient of voltage drop (tube)

Steilheit {f} (einer Röhre) [electr.] mutual conductance [Br.]; transconductance [Am.]; slope [coll.] (of a tube) [listen]

Vorsperr-Röhre {f} [telco.] pre-TR tube

Vorsperr-Röhren {pl} pre-TR tubes

Bananenboot {n}; Banane {f} (gezogene aufblasbare Röhre als Freizeitattraktion) [naut.] banana boat; water sled (towed inflatable tube as a recreational attraction)

Bananenboote {pl}; Bananen {pl} banana boats; water sleds

Kennlinie {f}; Charakteristik {f} [math.] [electr.] characteristic; characteristic curve; characteristic line; performance curve [listen]

Kennlinien {pl}; Charakteristiken {pl} characteristics; characteristic curves; characteristic lines; performance curves [listen]

Kennlinienschar {f}; Kennlinienfeld {n} family of characteristics

Belastungskennlinie {f} [techn.] load characteristic

Federkennlinie {f} [techn.] spring characteristics

Heizkennlinie {f} heating characteristics

Kurzschlusskennlinie {f} [electr.] locked rotor impedance characteristic (asynchronous machine)

Leerlaufkennlinie {f}; Leerlaufcharakteristik {f} no-load characteristic

Schutzkennlinie {f} (eines Schalters/Relais) [electr.] selectivity characteristic (of a switch/relay)

Sondenkennlinie {f} (Röhre) [electr.] probe characteristic

Kennlinie eines Seismografen response curve of a seismograph

Pendelfrequenz {f} [electr.] quench frequency; quenching frequency

Pendelfrequenzen {pl} quench frequencies; quenching frequencies

in der HF-Röhre erzeugte Pendelfrequenz self-quenched frequency

jdn. leer ausgehen lassen {vt} (Sache) to leave sb. out in the cold (of a thing) [fig.]

durch die Finger schauen; in die Röhre gucken [Dt.] to be left out in the cold
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