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Olympiadorf {n}; Olympisches Dorf {n} [sport] Olympic village

Komitee {n} [listen] committee [listen]

Komitees {pl} committees

Empfangskomitee {n} reception committee; welcoming committee

Europäisches Komitee für Normung European Committee for Standardization /CEN/

Nationales Olympisches Komitee /NOK/ National Olympic Committee /NOC/

olympisch {adj} [sport] Olympic

der olympische Gedanke the Olympic ideal

olympisches Feuer Olympic flame

das Internationale Olympische Komitee the International Olympic Committee /IOC/

olympischer Medaillengewinner; Olympiamedaillengewinner {m} Olympic medallist [Br.]/medalist [Am.]

olympisches Gold/Silber/Bronze Olympic gold/silver/bronze

olympisches Gold holen/gewinnen to win gold at the Olympics; to win an Olympic gold medal