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14 results for Olive | Olive
Word division: Oli·ve
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Olive {f} [bot.] [cook.] olive [listen]

Oliven {pl} olives

Kaltextraktion {f} (Olivenöl) [techn.] cold extraction (olive oil)

Olivenspötter {m} [ornith.] olive-tree warbler

Olivenibis {m} [ornith.] olive ibis

Oliventaube {f} [ornith.] olive pigeon

Rotschnabel-Oliventaube {f} [ornith.] cameroun olive pigeon

Langschwanz-Oliventaube {f} [ornith.] sao thome olive pigeon

Olivenit {m} [min.] olivenite; olive ore

Anbaugebiet {n} [agr.] [geogr.] crop-growing region

Baumwollanbaugebiet {n} cotton-growing region

Kaffeeanbaugebiet {n} coffee-growing region

Kartoffelanbaugebiet {n} potato-growing region

Olivenanbaugebiet {n} olive-growing region

Tabakanbaugebiet {n} tobacco-growing region

Zuckerrohranbaugebiet {n} sugarcane-growing region

Region mit Nahrungsmittelanbau food-growing region

Hain {m} [geh.]; Wäldchen {n} [bot.] grove (literary) [listen]

Haine {pl}; Wäldchen {n} groves

Olivenhain {m} olive grove

Zitrushain {m}; Zitronenhain {m} lemon grove

geweihte Haine [relig.] [hist.] sacred groves

Olivenbaum {m}; Echter Ölbaum {m} (Olea europaea) [bot.] olive tree

Olivenbäume {pl}; Echte Ölbäume {pl} olive trees

Olivenöl {n} [cook.] olive oil

Lampantolivenöl {n}; Lampantöl {n} lampante olive oil; lampante oil

Olivenzweig {m} olive branch

Olivenzweige {pl} olive branches

Sonde {f} [med.] surgical probe; sound [listen]

Sonden {pl} surgical probes; sounds [listen]

Biopsiesonde {f} biopsy probe

Harnröhrensonde {f} urethral sound

Knopfsonde {f} bulb-headed prob; bulbous probe; probang; pathfinder

doppelseitige Knopfsonde double-ended probe

Kugelsonde {f} ball-and-socket probang; ball probang; searcher

Öhrsonde {f} probe with eye

stumpfe Sonde blunt probe; dull probe

Zahnsonde {f}; Dentalsonde {f} dental probe; dental explorer

Olive einer Sonde; Sondenolive {f} probing olive

etw. mit einer Sonde austasten to probe sth.; to sound sth.

die Passage einer Sonde; die Sondenpassage the passage of the probe

Spitze einer Sonde; Sondenspitze {f} tip of the probe; probe tip

einen Hohlraum mit einer Sonde untersuchen to probe a cavity; to sound a cavity; to explore a cavity with a sound
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