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Aktienbuch {n} [fin.] share register [Br.]; register of members [Br.]; stock register [Am.]

Aktienbücher {pl} share registers; registers of members; stock registers

Eintragung im Aktienbuch entry in the share register

Umschreibung im Aktienbuch registration of transfers [Br.]; transfer of entries in the share register

jdm. Einsicht in das Aktienbuch gewähren to give sb. permission to inspect the share register

Namensaktien in das Aktienbuch eintragen to record registered shares in the company's [Br.]/corporation's [Am.] share register

Namensaktie {f} [fin.] registered share; registered security

Namensaktien {pl} registered shares; registered securities

vinkulierte Namensaktie registered share with restricted transferability