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Mietkaution {f} (security) deposit [listen]

Aval {n} (Oberbegriff für Bürgschaften und Garantien) [fin.] guarantee of a bill; guaranty of a bill

Anzahlungsaval {n}; Anzahlungsgarantie {f} advance payment guarantee, downpayment guarantee

Auslandsaval {n} foreign aval

Bankaval {n}; Avalkredit {m} credit by way of bank guarantee; guarantee credit; guarantee line; guarantee facility; surety credit

bargedecktes Aval cash-supported guarantee

Bietungsaval {n}; Bietungsgarantie {f} tender guarantee [Br.]; tender bond [Br.]; bid bond [Am.]

Direktaval {n} direct guarantee; guarantee directly provided by the bank

Frachtenaval {n} freight guarantee

Leistungsaval {n} performance guarantee

Mietaval {n}; Mietkaution {f} rent deposit guarantee; rental payment guarantee; lease security deposit

Steueraval {n} tax payment guarantee; tax bond

Wechselaval {n} guarantee/guaranty of a bill of exchange; bill of exchange guarantee; bill of exchange endorsement

Zollaval {n}; Zollbürgschaft {f} guarantee for the amount due to the customs; customs guaranty; customs bond

per Aval; als Bürge (Vermerk bei der Unterschrift) guaranteed by; pour aval (note next to the signature)