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Materialfehler {m} material defect; fault in the material

Materialfehler {pl} faults in the material

Riefe {f}; Riffel {f}; Schramme {f} (Materialfehler) stria; groove; mark (flaw in material) [listen] [listen]

Riefen {pl}; Riffel {pl}; Schrammen {pl} striae; grooves; marks [listen]

Scharte {f}; Schramme {f} (Materialfehler) [techn.] nick; nicking; notch; jag (flaw in material) [listen] [listen]

Scharten {pl}; Schrammen {pl} nicks; nickings; notches; jags

eine Scharte auswetzen [übtr.] to make good a mistake; to wipe a disgrace