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Depot {n}; Lager {n}; Magazin {n} [listen] [listen] depot [listen]

Depots {pl}; Lager {pl}; Magazine {pl} [listen] depots

Fachzeitschrift {f}; Fachmagazin {n}; Fachblatt {n}; Fachjournal {n} professional journal; professional magazine; periodical; specialist journal

Fachzeitschriften {pl}; Fachmagazine {pl}; Fachblätter {pl}; Fachjournale {pl} professional journals; professional magazines; periodicals; specialist journals

eine medizinische Fachzeitschrift a medical journal

Fanmagazin {n} fanzine; fan magazine

Fanmagazine {pl} fanzines; fan magazines

Frauenmagazin {n}; Frauenzeitschrift {f} women's magazine

Frauenmagazine {pl}; Frauenzeitschriften {pl} women's magazines

Herrenmagazin {n}; Männermagazin {n}; Männerzeitschrift {f} men's magazine; lad mag [coll.]

Herrenmagazine {pl}; Männermagazine {pl}; Männerzeitschriften {pl} men's magazines; lad mags

Jugendzeitschrift {f}; Jugendmagazin {n} teenage magazine; teen magazine; teen mag [coll.]

Jugendzeitschriften {pl}; Jugendmagazine {pl} teenage magazines; teen magazines; teen mags

Klatschmagazin {n} gossip magazine

Klatschmagazine {pl} gossip magazines

Lager {n}; Lagerhaus {n}; Lagerraum {m}; Magazin {n} [listen] [listen] store [listen]

Lager {pl}; Lagerhäuser {pl}; Lagerräume {pl}; Magazine {pl} [listen] stores [listen]

Lagerhaus {n}; Lagerhalle {f}; Lager {n}; Warenlager {n}; Warendepot {n}; Depot {n}; Magazin {n} [listen] [listen] storehouse; warehouse [listen]

Lagerhäuser {pl}; Lagerhallen {pl}; Lager {pl}; Warenlager {pl}; Warendepots {pl}; Depots {pl}; Magazine {pl} [listen] storehouses; warehouses

Behälterlager {n} container warehouse

Durchlauflager {n} gravity-storage warehouse

Freilager {n} free warehouse

Hochregallager {n} high-bay warehouse; high-bay storage facilities; high-bay storage; high-bay racking; high-rise racking; high-rack storage

Möbellager {n} furniture storehouse; furniture warehouse

Palettenlager {n} pallet warehouse

Zentrallager {n} central warehoue; main warehoue

automatisiertes Lager automated warehouse

ab Lager ex stock; ex warehouse

Empfangsbestätigung des Lagerhauses warehouse receipt (W/R)

eingassiges / zweigassiges Lager single-lane / double-lane, two-lane storage area

Magazin {n}; Zeitschrift {f}; Heft {n} [listen] [listen] [listen] magazine [listen]

Magazine {pl}; Zeitschriften {pl}; Hefte {pl} magazines

Fotomagazin {n}; Fotozeitschrift {f} photo magazine

Mitgliedermagazin {n}; Mitgliederzeitschrift {f} membership magazine

Nachrichtenmagazin {n} news magazine

Onlinemagazin {n}; Onlinezeitschrift {f} electronic magazine; e-zine

Satiremagazin {n}; satirische Zeitschrift {f} satirical magazine

Bezug einer Zeitschrift subscription of a magazine

Magazin {n} [mil.] [listen] magazine [listen]

Magazine {pl} magazines

Magazin komplett magazine assembly

Ansteckmagazin {n}; Einsteckmagazin {n} clip magazine; detachable box-type magazine; detachable magazine

Halbrundmagazin {n} curved-box magazine

Kastenmagazin {n}; Stangenmagazin {n} box magazine

Laufmagazin {n}; Vorderschaft-Röhrenmagazin {n}; Vorderschaftmagazin {n} fore-end tubular magazine; fore-end tube magazine

Mehrlademagazin {n} repeating magazine

Mittelschaftmagazin {n} tubular magazine inside stock

Reihenmagazin {n} double-line box magazine; double-column box magazine

Reservemagazin {n}; Wechselmagazin {n} spare magazine; interchangeable magazine

Röhrenmagazin {n}; Rohrmagazin {n} tubular magazine

Schaftmagazin {n} butt-stock magazine; butt magazine, stock magazine

Trommelmagazin {n}; Walzenmagazin {n}; Drehmagazin {n} snail-type drum magazine; snail magazine; drum magazine; cylinder magazine; revolving box magazine; rotary box magazine; rotary magazine

verdecktes Magazin; Magazinattrappe {f} blind-box magazine

Verlängerungsmagazin {n} extension magazine

Zickzackmagazin {n} double-row staggered magazine; double stagger magazine

Zündstreifenmagazin {n} tape magazine

Modezeitschrift {f}; Modemagazin {n} fashion magazine

Modezeitschriften {pl}; Modemagazine {pl} fashion magazines

Pornoheft {n}; Pornomagazin {n} porn magazine

Pornohefte {pl}; Pornomagazine {pl} porn magazines

Reisemagazin {n} travel magazine

Reisemagazine {pl} travel magazines

Verbandszeitschrift {f}; Vereinsmagazin {n} association magazine; organization's periodical; journal of ...

Verbandszeitschriften {pl}; Vereinsmagazine {pl} association magazines; organization's periodicals; journals of ...

Zeitschrift {f}; Magazin {n} [listen] [listen] journal /jour./

Zeitschriften {pl}; Magazine {pl} journals

Literaturzeitschrift {f}; Literaturmagazin {n} literary journal
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