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19 results for Lava | Lava
Word division: La·va
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Lava {f} [geol.] lava

Lava ausstoßen; Lava speien {vt} to belch [listen]

Lava ausstoßend; Lava speiend belching

Lava ausgestoßen; Lava gespeit belched

Lavadecke {f} [geol.] lava nappe; lava sheet

Trachytlava {f} [geol.] trachytic lava

ausströmen {vi} (Lava) to extravasate; to well out (lava); to rush out

Blocklava {f} [min.] block lava

Kissenlava {f} [geol.] pillow lava; cushion lava

Pillow-Lava {f} [geol.] pillow lava; cushion lava; ellipsoidal lava

Stricklava {f} [geol.] corded(-folded) lava; ropy lava; pahoehoe (lava)

Lavaausbruch {m} [geol.] lava eruption

Lavaausbrüche {pl} lava eruptions

Lavabombe {f}; vulkanische Bombe {f} (Vulkanismus) [geol.] lava ball; volcanic ball; lava bomb; volcanic bomb; lava shell; volcanic shell (volcanism)

Lavabomben {pl}; vulkanische Bomben {pl} lava balls; volcanic balls; lava bombs; volcanic bombs; lava shells; volcanic shells

Brotkrustenbombe {f} breadcrust bomb

Lavalampe {f} lava lamp; astro lamp

Lavalampen {pl} lava lamps; astro lamps

Lavasee {m} [geol.] lava lake; fire pit

Lavaseen {pl} lava lakes; fire pits

Lavastrom {m} [geol.] lava stream; lava river; lava flow; volcanic flow

Lavaströme {pl} lava streams; lava rivers; lava flows; volcanic flows

Staukuppe {f}; Vulkandom {m}; Lavadom {m} [geol.] lava dome

Staukuppen {pl}; Vulkandome {pl}; Lavadome {pl} lava domes

brodeln; wallen; wogen {vi} (Flüssigkeiten) to seethe (of liquids)

brodelnd; wallend; wogend seething

gebrodelt; gewallt; gewogt seethed

Rote Lava brodelte im Krater. Red lava seethed in the crater.

Der Ozean wogte unter uns. The ocean seethed beneath us.

aus etw. dringen; herausbrechen; hervorbrechen [geh.] {vi} to issue from sth. [formal]; to issue forth from sth. [formal]

dringend; herausbrechend; hervorbrechend [listen] issuing from; issuing forth from

gedrungen; herausgebracht; hervorgebracht issued from; issued forth from

Rauch drang aus der Wohnung. Smoke issued from the flat.

Ein schwacher Laut drang aus ihren Lippen. A weak sound issued from her lips.

Lava brach aus einer Felsspalte hervor. Lava issued from a crack in the rock.

Butorides-Reiher {pl} (Butorides) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.] butorides herons (zoological genus)

Grünreiher {m} (Butorides virescens) green heron

Lavareiher {m}; Galapagos-Reiher {m} (Butorides sundevalli) lava heron; Galapagos heron

Mangrovenreiher {m} (Butorides striata/striatus) mangrove heron; striated heron; little heron; green-backed heron

ausfließen {vi} (Lava) [geol.] to pour out; to flow out; to well out (lava)

ausfließend pouring out; flowing out; welling out

ausgeflossen poured out; flowed out; welled out

eruptiv ausfließen to gush

stoßweise frei ausfließen to flow by heads
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