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Schriftsystem {n}; Schrift {f} [ling.] [listen] writing system; writing; script [listen] [listen]

Buchstabenschrift {f}; Alphabetschrift {f}; Segmentalschrift {f} alphabetic script

Bildschrift {f} pictographic writing system

Gebärdenschrift {f} sign-writing

Keilschrift {f} [hist.] wedge-writing; cuneiform writing/script

Magnetschrift {f} [comp.] magnetic writing

Ogamschrift {f}; Oghamschrift {f}; Ogam/Ogham [hist.] ogham/ogam writing/script; ogham/ogam

Runenschrift {f} [hist.] runic writing/script

Silbenschrift {f}; Syllabographie {f} syllabic script

Wortschrift {f}; Logographie {f} logographic script

arabische Schrift Arabic script

chinesische Schrift Chinese script

glagolitische Schrift; Glagoliza Glagolitic writing; Glagolithic script; Glagolica

griechische Schrift Greek script

kyrillische Schrift; Kyrilliza; Asbuka Cyrillic script; azbuka

lateinische Schrift; Lateinschrift Roman script

taktile Schrift; Profilschrift (für Sehbehinderte) tactile writing system; raised lettering; embossed lettering (for the visually impaired)

in Lateinschrift geschrieben written in Roman script; written in the Roman alphabet; written in Roman letters