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Hupe {f} [auto] [listen] horn; hooter [Br.] [listen]

Hupen {pl} horns; hooters

elektronische Hupe electronic horn

die Hupe betštigen; hupen {vi} [auto] to sound/honk/hoot [Br.] the horn; to honk; to hoot [Br.] [listen]

hupend sounding the horn; honking; hooting

gehupt sounded the horn; honked; hooted

hupt sounds the horn; honks; hoots

hupte sounded the horn; honked; hooted

Signalhupe {f}; Signalhorn {n} [auto] signalling horn; signal horn; klaxon ®

Signalhupen {pl}; Signalhornen {pl} signalling horns; signal horns; klaxons