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166 results for Gießerei
Word division: Gie·ße·rei
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Gießerei {f} foundry; casting [listen]

Gießereien {pl} foundries

Eisengießerei {f} iron foundry

Gelbgießerei {f} yellow metal foundry; brass foundry

Rotgießerei {f} red copper foundry

Abformen {n} (vom Gussstück) (Gießerei) [techn.] moulding [Br.]; molding [Am.] (from a casting); duplicate moulding [Br.]; duplicate molding [Am.] (foundry) [listen] [listen]

Abformmasse {f}; Abgussmasse {f} (Keramik, Gießerei) casting material; casting medium (ceramics, foundry)

Abformung {f}; Nachguss {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] second cast (foundry)

Abschlagen {n} des verlorenen Kopfes (Gießerei) [techn.] topping (foundry)

Abstechen {n}; Abstich {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] tapping (foundry) [listen]

Anschnitttechnik {f}; Steigertechnik {f} (Gießerei) [techn.] mould gating [Br.]; mold gating [Am.]; gating (foundry)

Auge {n} (runder Gussvorsprung) (Gießerei) [techn.] [listen] boss (foundry) [listen]

Auswaschen {n} (der Stranghaut beim Strangguss) (Gießerei) decanting (of the strand) (foundry)

Bandschleuder {f}; Sandkämmer {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] royer (Gießerei)

Beschickungsmenge {f}; Beschickung {f}; Charge {f}; Gicht {f}; Füllgut {n} (Gießerei; Metallurgie) [techn.] charge; batch; burden (foundry; metallurgy) [listen] [listen] [listen]

Blindspeiser {m}; Druckspeiser {m}; geschzlossener Speiser {m}; atmosphärischer Speiser {m}; Williams-Speiser {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] blind feeder; blind riser; blind head (foundry)

Drehmassel {f}; Schlackenkreisel {m}; Wirbeleinguss {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] spinner gate (foundry)

Durchbruch {m} (Gießerei; Kunststoffverarbeitung) [techn.] [listen] break-out (foundry; plastics processing)

Durchspülen {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] bubbling through (foundry)

Eingusssystem {n}; Angusssystem {n}; Durchflusssystem {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] gating system; gate system (foundry)

Entformen {n} (Gießerei) demoulding [Br.]; demolding [Am.]

Entwachsen {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] dewaxing (foundry)

Erstarrung {f} (in der Gießerei beim Abkühlen aus dem schmelzflüssigen Zustand) [techn.] solidification; freezing (foundry) [listen]

Fehlguss {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] misrun (casting which has solidified before entirely filling the mould) (foundry)

Feuchtigkeitsloch {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] weephole (foundry)

Formstoff {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] moulding material [Br.]; mould material [Br.]; molding material [Am.]; mold material [Am.] (foundry)

Formtrennmittel {n}; Gleitmittel {n} für Formen (Gießerei) [techn.] mould releasing agent; mould release agent; mould release (foundry)

Formtrennwirkung {f} (Gießerei) [techn.] mould release effect (foundry)

Gasblase {f} (Gussfehler bei der Sandformerei) (Gießerei) [techn.] sandblow (casting defect in sand moulding) (foundry)

Gießaufsatz {m}; Gießkopf {m}; verlorener Kopf {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] feeder head; deadhead; shrink head; rising head (foundry)

Gießbett {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] casting bed (foundry)

Gießfilter {m} (Gießerei) strainer bush (foundry)

Gießtraube {f} (Gießerei) [techn.] stack mould; nest of mould (foundry)

Graphitierung {f}; Spongiose {f} (Gussfehler) (Gießerei) [techn.] graphite corrosion; graphitization; spongiosis (casting defect) (foundry)

Gratbildung {f} (an der Trennfuge) (Schmiede, Gießerei) [techn.] flashing (forge, foundry)

die Grate von etw. entfernen; etw. entgraten; etw. abgraten {v} (Schmiedestück, Gussstück, Spritzgussteil) (Schmiede, Gießerei, Kunststoffverarbeitung) [techn.] to remove the flash from sth.; to trim off the flash from sth. (forged, cast or injection-moulded part) (forge, foundry, plastics processing)

Gratentfernung {f}; Entgratung {f}; Entgraten {n}; Abgraten {n} (von Schmiedestücken / Gussstücken) (Schmiede, Gießerei) [techn.] trimming (of forgings or castings) (forge, foundry) [listen]

Gussbruch {m}; Alteisen {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] cast scrap (foundry)

weißes Gusseisen tempern {vt} (Gießerei) [techn.] to malleablise [Br.] / malleablize [Am.] unannealed iron (foundry)

weißes Gusseisen glühfrischen {vt} (Gießerei) [techn.] to malleablise [Br.] / malleablize [Am.] unannealed iron by decarburization/graphitization (foundry)

Gussgrat {m}; Gratrippe {f}; starker Grat {m} (an der Trennfuge) (Schmiede, Gießerei) [techn.] flash; ridge; seam (forge, foundry) [listen] [listen] [listen]

Gusshaut {f}; Gussrinde {f} (Gießerei) [techn.] crust (of cast iron) (foundry)

Gussputzen {n}; Putzen {n}; Entsanden {n} (von Gussstücken) (Gießerei) [techn.] fettling (of castings) (foundry)

Gusstrichter {m}; Gusszapfen {m}; Anguss {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] runner head

Hot-Box {f} (geheizter Kernkasten) (Gießerei) [techn.] hot-box (foundry)

Hot-Box-Formverfahren {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] hot-box moulding method (foundry)

Hot-Box-Kern {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] hot-box core (foundry)

Hot-Box-Verfahren {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] hot-box casting (foundry)

Kaltschweißstelle {f}; Kaltschweiße {f}; Mattschweiße {f}; Kaltläufer {m} (Gussfehler) (Gießerei) [techn.] cold set (casting defect) (foundry)

Keller-Ofen {m} (Gießerei) Keller furnace (foundry)

Kernkleben {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] gumming of the core (foundry)

Kupferzuschlag {m} (Gießerei) [techn.] flux of copper (foundry)

(maschinelles) Losklopfen {n} (Gießerei) [techn.] rapping (foundry)

Luftbläschenbildung {f} (Gießerei) [techn.] pinholing (foundry)

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