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Flächenmanagement {n} /FM/ floor-space management

Frequenzmodulation {f} /FM/ frequency modulation /FM/

Mikronesien {n} /FM/ [geogr.] Micronesia, Federated States of

Fermium {n} /Fm/ [chem.] fermium

feste Masche /FM/ (Häkeln) {f} [textil.] double crochet /dc/ [Br.]; single crochet /sc/ [Am.] (crochet)

flache feste Masche split single crochet /ssc/ [Am.]

verlängerte feste Masche extended double crochet /edc/ /exdc/ [Br.]; extended single crochet /esc / /exsc/ [Am.]

Krebsmasche {f} reverse double crochet /rev dc/ [Br.]; reverse single crochet /rev sc/ [Am.]

feste Masche in hinteres Maschenglied /FM in hMgl/ back loop double crochet /bldc/ [Br.]; back loop single crochet /blsc/ [Am.]

drei feste Maschen zusammenhäkeln / zusammen abmaschen / zusammenarbeiten /3 Fm zsm./ / 3 Fm abm./ double crochet three together /dc3tog/ [Br.]; single crochet three together /sc3tog/ [Am.]

Meter {m,n} metre [Br.]; meter [Am.] [listen]

Meter {pl} metres; meters

Kilometer {m,n} /km/ kilometre; kilometer /km/

Hektometer {m,n} (unüblich) hectometre; hectometer [rare]

Dekameter {m,n} decameter

Dezimeter {m,n} /dm/ decimetre; decimeter /dm/

Zentimeter {m,n} /cm/ centimetre; centimeter /cm/

Millimeter {m,n} /mm/ millimetre; millimeter /mm/

Mikrometer {m,n} /µm/; Mikron {n} micrometre; micrometer; micron

Nanometer {m,n} /nm/ nanometre; nanometer; milli-micron

Pikometer {m,n} /pm/ picometre; picometer

Femtometer {m,n} /fm/; Fermi {n} [phys.] femtometre [Br.]; femtometer [Am.]; fermi [phys.]

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