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Treuepflicht {f} (des Arbeitnehmers) [jur.] employee's duty of good faith (towards his employer); duty of the employee to represent the interests of his employer

Erfindungsmeldung {f} announcement of an invention; disclosure of an invention; notice of an invention

Erfindungsmeldung {f} (eines Arbeitnehmers an den Arbeitgeber) [jur.] invention disclosure (by an employee to his employer)

Kündigungsschreiben {n} (eines Arbeitnehmers) letter of resignation

Kündigungsschreiben {pl} letters of resignation

sein Kündigungsschreiben einreichen to send in your resignation

Neueinstellung {f} readjustment

Neueinstellung {f} (Computer, etc.) resetting, retuning

Neueinstellung {f} (eines Arbeitnehmers, etc.) new appointment; new hire