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Anhalter {m}; Anhalterin {f}; Tramper {m}; Tramperin {f}; Autostopper {m} [Ös.] [Schw.] [Lux.] hitchhiker

Anhalter {pl}; Anhalterinnen {pl}; Tramper {pl}; Tramperinnen {pl}; Autostopper {pl} hitchhikers

per Anhalter fahren; per Autostopp fahren; autostoppen [Ös.]; trampen to hitchhike; to hitch; to go backpacking; to thumb a lift [coll.] [listen]

per Anhalter fahrend; trampend hitchhiking

per Anhalter gefahren; getrampt hitchhiked

er/sie fährt per Anhalter; er/sie trampt he/she hitchhikes

ich/er/sie fuhr per Anhalter; ich/er/sie trampte I/he/she hitchhiked

er/sie ist/war per anhalter gefahren; er/sie ist/war getrampt he/she has/had hitchhiked

Sie fuhren per Anhalter quer durch Europa. They hitchhiked across Europe.