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abblenden {vt} (Fotografie; Optik) to stop out

abblendend stopping out

abgeblendet stopped out

abblenden {vi} [auto] to lower the/your headlights; to dip the/your headlights [Br.]; to dim the/your headlights [Am.]

abblendend lowering the/your headlights; dipping the/your headlights; dimming the/your headlights

abgeblendet lowered the/your headlights; dipped the/your headlights; dimmed the/your headlights

Abblenden {n} [auto] dipping [Br.]; dimming [Am.] (of headlights)

Abblenden {n} [photo.] stopping down

etw. abschirmen; abdunkeln; abblenden {vt} (Lampe usw.) to screen off; to shade sth. (lamp etc.)

abschirmend; abdunkelnd; abblendend screening off; shading

abgeschirmt; abgedunkelt; abgeblendet screened off; shaded

ausblenden; abblenden {vi} (Film, TV) to fade out (film, TV)

ausblendend; abblendend fading out

ausgeblendet; abgeblendet faded out