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windows of wood and aluminium Aluminiumholzfenster {n} [techn.]

fenestration; arrangement of windows Befensterung {f}; Fensteranordnung {f} [arch.] [constr.]

windowless; without windows fensterlos {adj}

The hail pelted against the windows. Der Hagel prasselte an die Fensterscheiben.

This software doesn't run on Windows. Diese Software läuft nicht unter Windows.

query window Abfragefenster {n} [comp.]

query windows Abfragefenster {pl}

scan window Abtastöffnung {f}

scan windows Abtastöffnungen {pl}

plexiglass window Acrylglasfenster {n}

plexiglass windows Acrylglasfenster {pl}

screen window Bildschirmfenster {n} [comp.]

screen windows Bildschirmfenster {pl}

lead glass window Bleiglasfenster {n} [constr.]

lead glass windows Bleiglasfenster {pl}

arched window Bogenfenster {n}

arched windows Bogenfenster {pl}

roof window Dachfenster {n} [arch.]

roof windows Dachfenster {pl}

roof-light window; skylight window Dachflächenfenster {n}; liegendes Dachfenster {n} [arch.]

roof-light windows; skylight windows Dachflächenfenster {pl}; liegende Dachfenster {pl}

roof hatch window Dachlukenfenster {f} [arch.]

roof hatch windows Dachlukenfenster {pl}

double window; winter window; counterwindow Doppelfenster {n} [arch.]

double windows; winter windows; counterwindows Doppelfenster {pl}

turn-tilt-window; turn and tilt window Dreh-Kipp-Fenster {n} [constr.]

turn-tilt-windows; turn and tilt windows Dreh-Kipp-Fenster {pl}

turn window; turn-only window Drehflügelfenster {n} [constr.]

turn windows; turn-only windows Drehflügelfenster {pl}

tilt and turn window Drehkippfenster {n} [constr.]

tilt and turn windows Drehkippfenster {pl}

single window Einzelfenster {n}

single windows Einzelfenster {pl}

energy-saving window Energiesparfenster {n} [constr.]

energy-saving windows Energiesparfenster {pl}

bay/cant-bay window; bow window; oriel window; jutty window [listen] Erkerfenster {n} [arch.]

bay/cant-bay windows; bow windows; oriel windows; jutty windows Erkerfenster {pl}

cant window polygonales Erkerfenster

compass window rundes Erkerfenster

folding window Faltfenster {n}

folding windows Faltfenster {pl}

window [listen] Fenster {n} [constr.] [arch.] [listen]

windows Fenster {pl} [listen]

Venetian window dreigeteiltes Fenster

dead window Scheinfenster {n}

window to front Fenster nach vorne

out of the window zum Fenster hinaus

windowed mit Fenstern versehen

to be right out of it weg vom Fenster sein [übtr.]

to stick one's neck out; to go too far sich zu weit aus dem Fenster lehnen [übtr.]; zu weit gehen

window with protective shell Fenster mit Vorsatzschale

window [listen] Fenster {n}; Sichtfenster {n}; Bildschirmfenster {n} [comp.] [listen]

windows Fenster {pl}; Sichtfenster {pl}; Bildschirmfenster {pl} [listen]

input window Eingabefenster {n}

window regulator Fensterheber {m} [auto]

electric windows; power windows elektrische Fensterheber {pl}

hall window; window in the corridor Flurfenster {n}

hall windows; windows in the corridor Flurfenster {pl}

dormer window Gaubenfenster {n}; stehendes Dachfenster {n} [arch.]

dormer windows Gaubenfenster {pl}; stehende Dachfenster {pl}

barred window; lattice window; trellis window Gitterfenster {n} [constr.]

barred windows; lattice windows; trellis windows Gitterfenster {pl}

glass window Glasfenster {n} [constr.]

glass windows Glasfenster {pl}

sliding window (railway) Halbsenkfenster {n}; Übersetzfenster {n}; halböffnendes Schiebefenster {n} (Bahn)

sliding windows Halbsenkfenster {pl}; Übersetzfenster {pl}; halböffnendes Schiebefenster {pl}

main window Hauptfenster {n}

main windows Hauptfenster {pl}

rear window; rear windscreen Heckscheibe {f} [auto]

rear windows; rear windscreens Heckscheiben {pl}

heated rear window beheizte Heckscheibe

double hung window Hochschiebefenster {n}; Vertikalschiebefenster {n} [constr.]

double hung windows Hochschiebefenster {pl}; Vertikalschiebefenster {pl}

wooden window Holzfenster {n}

wooden windows Holzfenster {pl}

box-type window Kastenfenster {n} [constr.]

box-type windows Kastenfenster {pl}

countersash window Kastenfenster {n} (beide Scheiben in einem Rahmen) [constr.]

countersash windows Kastenfenster {pl}

cellar window Kellerfenster {n} [constr.]

cellar windows Kellerfenster {pl}

cellar skylight liegendes Kellerfenster

bottom hung window; tilt window Kippfenster {n}; Kippflügelfenster {n} [constr.]

bottom hung windows; tilt windows Kippfenster {pl}; Kippflügelfenster {pl}

top hung window; trap window; awning window Klappfenster {n}; Klappflügelfenster {n} [constr.]

top hung windows; trap windows; awning windows Klappfenster {pl}; Klappflügelfenster {pl}

comfort window Komfortfenster {n} [constr.]

comfort windows Komfortfenster {pl}

kitchen window Küchenfenster {n}

kitchen windows Küchenfenster {pl}

reading window; scanning window Lesefenster {n}

reading windows; scanning windows Lesefenster {pl}

low-energy window Niedrigenergiefenster {n} [constr.]

low-energy windows Niedrigenergiefenster {pl}

fanlight; sunburst light; transom light [Am.]; transom window [Am.]; transom [Am.] Oberfenster {n}; Oberlicht {n}; Kämpferfenster {n} [constr.]

fanlights; sunburst lights; transom lights; transom windows; transoms Oberfenster {pl}; Oberlichter {pl}; Kämpferfenster {pl}

oil inspection window Ölsichtfenster {n} [techn.]

oil inspection windows Ölsichtfenster {pl}

picture window [Am.] Panoramafenster {n}

picture windows Panoramafenster {pl}

program; programme [Br.] [listen] [listen] Programm {n} [comp.] [listen]

programs Programme {pl}

absolute program absolutes Programm

object program; executable ausführbares Programm [comp.]

diagnostic program diagnostisches Programm

one-liner Computerprogramm mit einer einzigen Befehlszeile

blue-ribbon program (works properly on first try) Blaues-Band-Programm {n} (auf Anhieb fehlerfrei)

to run a program in Windows ein Programm unter Windows betreiben

log display; log window Protokollanzeige {f}; Protokollfenster {n} [comp.]

displays; log windows Protokollanzeigen {pl}; Protokollfenster {pl}

bow window Runderker {m} [arch.]

bow windows Runderker {pl}

ticket window Schalter {m}; Fahrkartenschalter {m} (im Bahnhof) [listen]

ticket windows Schalter {pl}; Fahrkartenschalter {pl} [listen]

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