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waves; swell [listen] [listen] Wellengang {m}

heavy seas starker Wellengang

swell; waves; seas [listen] [listen] Seegang {m}; Dünung {f} [naut.]

rough seas; rough swell hoher Seegang; rauer Seegang

heavy seas; heavy swell schwerer Seegang; schwere See

at waves bei Seegang

brain waves Hirnstromwellen {pl}

short crested waves Kurzkämmigkeit {f} (Wellen)

S waves Scherungswellen {pl}; Scherwellen {pl} [phys.]

breaking waves; breakers Sturzwellen {pl}; Sturzsee {f}; Brandung {f}

wash of the waves Wellenschlag {m}

washes of the waves Wellenschläge {pl}

to cause waves [fig.] (hohe) Wellen schlagen [übtr.]

to make waves [fig.] [coll.] Wellen schlagen [übtr.]; für Aufruhr sorgen

alpha wave Alphawelle {f} (EEG) [med.]

alpha waves Alphawellen {pl}

storm/wave of enthusiasm Begeisterungssturm {m}

storms/waves of enthusiasm Begeisterungsstürme {pl}

design wave Bemessungswelle {f}

design waves Bemessungswellen {pl}

bow wave Bugwelle {f} [naut.]

bow waves Bugwellen {pl}

triangle-wave (oscillation) Dreieckschwingung {f} (Akustik) [techn.]

triangle-waves Dreieckschwingungen {pl}

shock wave; compression wave; compressional wave; pressure wave (liquids) Druckwelle {f}; Verdichtungswelle {f} (Flüssigkeiten) [phys.]

shock waves; compression waves; compressional waves; pressure waves Druckwellen {pl}; Verdichtungswellen {pl}

solitary wave Einzelwelle {f}

solitary waves Einzelwellen {pl}

head wave Elementarwelle {f}

head waves Elementarwellen {pl}

earthquake wave; seismic wave Erdbebenwelle {f}; seismische Welle {f} [geogr.] [phys.]

earthquake waves; seismic waves Erdbebenwellen {pl}; seismische Wellen {pl}

primary waves; P-waves (longitudinal waves) Primärwellen {pl}; P-Wellen {pl} (Longitudinalwellen)

secondary waves; S-waves (transverse waves) Sekundärwellen {pl}; S-Wellen {pl} (Transversalwellen)

short-period/long-period waves [listen] kurzperiodische/langperiodische Erdbebenwellen

arrival vector of seismic waves Ankunftsvektor seismischer Wellen

detonation wave; blast wave Explosionsdruckwelle {f}; Druckwelle {f}; Detonationswelle {f}

detonation waves; blast waves Explosionsdruckwellen {pl}; Druckwellen {pl}; Detonationswellen {pl}

wave of mergers Fusionswelle {f} [econ.]

waves of mergers Fusionswellen {pl}

rising tide wave; tide wave; tidal wave Gezeitenwelle {f}; Flutwelle {f} (der Gezeiten) [geogr.] [phys.] [listen]

rising tide waves; tide waves; tidal waves Gezeitenwellen {pl}; Flutwellen {pl}

wave of influenza; wave of flu; flu epidemic Grippewelle {f} [med.]

waves of influenza; waves of flu Grippewellen {pl}

fundamental wave Grundwelle {f}

fundamental waves Grundwellen {pl}

hair wave; wave [listen] Haarwelle {f}; Welle {f} [listen]

hair waves; waves [listen] Haarwellen {pl}; Wellen {pl}

severe wave strenge Welle; Fingerwelle {f}

flood wave Hochwasserwelle {f}; Scheitelwelle {f}

flood waves Hochwasserwellen {pl}; Scheitelwellen {pl}

bow wave Kopfwelle {f} [aviat.] [mil.] [phys.]

bow waves Kopfwellen {pl}

spheric wave Kugelwelle {f}

spheric waves Kugelwellen {pl}

short wave; shortwave /SW/ Kurzwelle {f} /KW/

short waves Kurzwellen {pl}

on short wave über Kurzwelle; auf Kurzwelle

Mexican wave La-Ola-Welle {f}

Mexican waves La-Ola-Wellen {pl}

light wave Lichtwelle {f}

light waves Lichtwellen {pl}

surface wave; ground wave Oberflächenwelle {f}; Bodenwelle {f} [phys.]

surface waves; ground waves Oberflächenwellen {pl}; Bodenwellen {pl}

Rayleigh wave; ground roll (part of a seismic wave) Rayleigh-Welle (Teil einer Erdebenwelle)

harmonic wave; ripple [listen] Oberwelle {f}

harmonic waves; ripples Oberwellen {pl}

wave of protest Protestwelle {f}

waves of protest Protestwellen {pl}

pulse wave Pulswelle {f} [med.]

pulse waves Pulswellen {pl}

anatricrotism deizackige Pulswelle

radio wave Radiowelle {f}; Funkwelle {f}

radio waves Radiowellen {pl}; Funkwellen {pl}

sky wave; skywave; ionospheric wave; indirect wave Raumwelle {f} (von der Ionosphäre reflektierte Welle) [geogr.] [phys.]

sky waves; skywaves; ionospheric waves; indirect waves Raumwellen {pl}

space wave Raumwelle {f} [electr.]

space waves Raumwellen {pl}

space-time wave Raum-Zeit-Welle {f} [phys.]

space-time waves Raum-Zeit-Wellen {pl}

square wave Rechteckwelle {f} (Bitimpulsfolge)

square waves Rechteckwellen {pl}

tourist wave Reisewelle {f}

tourist waves Reisewellen {pl}

freak wave; rogue wave; monster wave, killer wave Riesenwelle {f}; Monsterwelle {f}; Kaventsmann {m} [naut.]

freak waves; rogue waves; monster wave, killer waves Riesenwellen {pl}; Monsterwellen {pl}; Kaventsmänner {pl}

sound wave; soundwave; acoustic wave Schallwelle {f}

sound waves; soundwaves; acoustic waves Schallwellen {pl}

gravity wave Schwerewelle {f}

gravity waves Schwerewellen {pl}

seaquake flood wave; seismic sea wave; tsunami wave; tsunami Seebebenflutwelle {f}; Seebebenwelle {f}; Flutwelle {f} (nach einem Seebeben); Tsunami {m} [geogr.] [phys.] [listen]

seaquake flood waves; seismic sea waves; tsunami waves; tsunamis Seebebenflutwellen {pl}; Seebebenwellen {pl}; Flutwellen {pl}; Tsunamis {pl}

interference wave Störwelle {f} [electr.]

interference waves Störwellen {pl}

distorted wave (nuclear engineering) Störwelle {f} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

distorted waves Störwellen {pl}

shock wave; shockwave (strong pressure wave) Stoßwelle {f} (oft fälschlich: Schockwelle) [phys.]

shock waves; shockwaves Stoßwellen {pl}

collisionless shock wave stoßfreie Stoßwelle; Stoßwelle im stoßfreien Plasma

breakaway of a shock wave Ablösung einer Stoßwelle

wave of sympathy Sympathiewelle {f} [soc.]

waves of sympathy Sympathiewellen {pl}

deep water wave Tiefwasserwelle {f}

deep water waves Tiefwasserwellen {pl}

ultra-short wave /USW/ Ultrakurzwelle {f} /UKW/

ultra short waves Ultrakurzwellen {pl}

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