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boomwhackers (tuned percussion tubes) Boomwhacker-Schlaginstrument {n}; Boomwhackers {pl} (gestimmte Plastikröhren) [mus.]

paper for textile paper tubes Kötzerhülsenpapier {n} [textil.]

bedding of tubes or pipes Rohrlegung {f}; Rohrverlegung {f} [techn.]

salpingitis; inflammation of the fallopian tubes Salpingitis {f}; Eileiterentzündung {f} [med.]

(furnace) wall tubes Wandberohrung {f} (Feuerraum) [techn.]

to go down the tubes [coll.] unwiderruflich entsorgt werden

aluminium tubes Aluminiumtuben {pl} [techn.]

automotive tubes Automobilrohre {pl} [auto]

welding fume exhaust tubes Absaugarme {pl} [mach.] [techn.]

exhaust tube Abgasschlauch {m}

exhaust tubes Abgasschläuche {pl}

screening tube Abschirmschlauch {m}; Entstörschlauch {m} [electr.]

screening tubes Abschirmschläuche {pl}; Entstörschläuche {pl}

launching tube Abschussrohr {n}

launching tubes Abschussrohre {pl}

axle tube Achsrohr {n}

axle tubes Achsrohre {pl}

aluminium tube [Br.]; aluminum tube [Am.] Aluminiumrohr {n}

aluminium tubes; aluminum tubes Aluminiumrohre {pl}

suction tube Ansaugleitung {f}

suction tubes Ansaugleitungen {pl}

suction hose; flexible suction tube (vacuum cleaner etc.) Ansaugschlauch {m}; Saugschlauch {m} (Staubsauger etc.)

suction hoses; flexible suction tubes Ansaugschläuche {pl}; Saugschläuche {pl}

bantam tube Bantamröhre {f} [electr.]

bantam tubes Bantamröhren {pl}

clipper tube (TV; radar) [Am.] Begrenzerröhre {f}; Schwellenröhre {f} (TV; Radar)

clipper tubes Begrenzerröhren {pl}; Schwellenröhren {pl}

picture tube Bildröhre {f}

picture tubes Bildröhren {pl}

picture tube; viewing storage tube; oscillograph tube Bildwiedergaberöhre {f}; Sichtspeicherröhre {f}; Oszillographenröhre {f} [techn.]

picture tubes; viewing storage tubes; oscillograph tubes Bildwiedergaberöhren {pl}; Sichtspeicherröhren {pl}; Oszillographenröhren {pl}

dark-trace tube Blauschriftröhre {f} [techn.]

dark-trace tubes Blauschriftröhren {pl}

calyx tube Blütenkelchröhre {m} [bot.]

calyx tubes Blütenkelchröhren {pl}

combustion chamber cooling tube Brennkammerkühlrohr {f} [mach.]

combustion chamber cooling tubes Brennkammerkühlrohre {pl}

spacer bushing; distance tube; distance bush Distanzbuchse {f} [techn.]

spacer bushings; distance tubes; distance bushes Distanzbuchsen {pl}

spacer sleeve; distance bush; spacer tube Distanzhülse {f}; Abstandhalterhülse {f} [techn.]

spacer sleeves; distance bushes; spacer tubes Distanzhülsen {pl}; Abstandhalterhülsen {pl}

spacer tube; distance tube Distanzrohr {n} [techn.]

spacer tubes; distance tubes Distanzrohre {pl}

stainless steel tube Edelstahlrohr {n}

stainless steel tubes Edelstahlrohre {pl}

acorn tube; door-knob tube Eichelröhre {f} [electr.]

acorn tubes; door-knob tubes Eichelröhren {pl}

fallopian tube; oviduct; uterine tube; salpinx Eileiter {m} [anat.]

fallopian tubes; oviducts; uterine tubes; salpinges Eileiter {pl}

intratubal innerhalb des Eileiters (liegend/gelegen) {adj}

filler; filler tube; filling orifice [listen] Einfüllstutzen {m}

fillers; filler tubes; filling orifices Einfüllstutzen {pl}

Carius tube Einschmelzrohr {n}

Carius tubes Einschmelzrohre {pl}

iron tube Eisenrohr {n}

iron tubes Eisenrohre {pl}

electron tube; valve [Br.] [listen] Elektronenröhre {f} [electr.]

electron tubes; valves [listen] Elektronenröhren {pl}

multigrid tube Mehrgitterröhre {f}

electron ray tube Elektronenstrahlröhre {f}

electron ray tubes Elektronenstrahlröhren {pl}

discharge tube Entladepistole {n} [techn.]

discharge tubes Entladepistolen {pl}

feeding tube Ernährungssonde {f} [med.]

feeding tubes Ernährungssonden {pl}

nasogastric feeding tube; nasogastric tube transnasale Magenernährungssonde; nasale Magensonde

teltron tube Fadenstrahlrohr {n} [phys.]

teltron tubes Fadenstrahlrohre {pl}

quill tube Faltenrohr {n} [techn.]

quill tubes Faltenrohre {pl}

corrugated hose; gusseted tube Faltenschlauch {m}

corrugated hoses; gusseted tubes Faltenschläuche {pl}

television set; TV set; TV; telly; boob tube [coll.]; idiot box [coll.] [listen] [listen] Fernsehapparat {m}; Fernsehgerät {n}; Fernseher {m}; Glotze {f} [ugs.] [listen]

television sets; TV sets; TVs; tellies; boob tubes; idiot boxes Fernsehapparate {pl}; Fernsehgeräte {pl}; Fernseher {pl}; Glotzen {pl} [listen]

in-set TV; at-seat TV in Rückenlehne eingebauter Fernseher

(large) flue tube Feuerrohr {n}

flue tubes Feuerrohre {pl}

goggle box [Br.]; box [Br.]; tube [Am.] (TV set) [listen] [listen] Flimmerkiste {f}; Kiste {f}; Flimmerkasten {m}; Glotze {f}; Glotzkiste {f} [ugs.] (Fernseher) [listen]

goggle boxes; boxes; tubes [listen] Flimmerkisten {pl}; Kisten {pl}; Flimmerkästen {pl}; Glotzen {pl}; Glotzkisten {pl}

guide tube Führungsrohr {n}

guide tubes Führungsrohre {pl}

scabbard tube Futterrohr {n}

scabbard tubes Futterrohre {pl}

steer tube Gabelrohr {n} [techn.]

steer tubes Gabelrohre {pl}

gas tube Gasrohr {n}; Gasleitung {f}

gas tubes Gasrohre {pl}; Gasleitungen {pl}

gas collection tube Gassammelrohr {n}; Doppelhahnrohr {n}; Gasmaus {f} [chem.]

gas collection tubes Gassammelrohre {pl}; Doppelhahnrohre {pl}; Gasmäuse {pl}

gun barrel; gun tube Geschützrohr {n} [mil.]

gun barrels; gun tubes Geschützrohre {pl}

glass tube Glasrohr {n}

glass tubes Glasrohre {pl}

glow indicator tube Glimmanzeigeröhre {f} [phys.]

glow indicator tubes Glimmanzeigeröhren {pl}

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