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lining; support; timbering [listen] [listen] Ausbau {m} [min.] [listen]

pulling of the drilling string Ausbau des Bohrstrangs

permanent support endgültiger Ausbau

abandoned support verlorener Ausbau

temporary support vorläufiger Ausbau

timbering; wooden support Zimmerung {f}

to draw timbers/props; to remove the timbering; to clear [listen] [listen] rauben; ausrauben {vi} [min.]

drawing timbers/props; removing the timbering; clearing [listen] [listen] raubend; ausraubend

drawn timbers/props; removed the timbering; cleared [listen] [listen] geraubt; ausgeraubt

saggered timbering Schachtelausbau {m} [min.]

boarding; encasing; casing; planking; timbering; covering boards (carpentry) [listen] [listen] Schalung {f}; Verschalung {f} (Zimmerei)

tubbing; shaft timbering Schachtzimmerung {f} [min.]

to timber [listen] zimmern {vt}

timbering zimmernd

timbered gezimmert

timbers zimmert

timberrd zimmerte