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to drive fast; to move at high/top speed; to speed {sped, speeded; sped, speeded} schnell fahren {vi} [auto]

driving fast; moving at high/top speed; speeding schnell fahrend

driven fast; moved at high/top speed; sped; speeded schnell gefahren

drives fast; moves at high/top speed; speeds fährt schnell

drove fast; moved at high/top speed; sped; speeded fuhr schnell

time lapse; time lapse camera Zeitraffer {m}

to show sth. speeded up etw. im Zeitraffer zeigen

to speed up sth.; to speedup; to put on speed etw. beschleunigen {vt}

speeding up beschleunigend

speeded up beschleunigt

speeds up beschleunigt

speeded up beschleunigte

to make dynamic; to speed up; to stimulate dynamisieren

making dynamic; speeding up; to stimulate dynamisierend

made dynamic; speeded up; stimulated dynamisiert