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ground sill Bodenschwelle {f}

ground sills Bodenschwellen {pl}

window-sill; windowsill; window ledge Fensterbrett {n}; Fensterbank {f}; Fenstersims {m} [constr.]

window sills Fensterbretter {pl}; Fensterbänke {pl}; Fenstersimse {pl}

covering sill of hardwood Hartholzschwelle {f}

covering sills of hardwood Hartholzschwellen {pl}

sill [listen] Schwelle {f}

sills Schwellen {pl}

ledge; sill [listen] [listen] Sims {m,n}

ledges; sills Simse {pl}

door sill Türschwelle {f}

door sills Türschwellen {pl}

sill [listen] Türschweller {m}; Schweller {m} [auto]

sills Türschweller {pl}; Schweller {pl}

bed vein; bedded vein; fissure vein; sill; intrusive sheet [listen] Lagergang {m}; Sill {m} [min.]

bed veins; bedded veins; fissure veins; sills; intrusive sheets Lagergänge {pl}