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printing [listen] Druck {m} [listen]

printings Drucke {pl}

print worker; printing machinist [Austr.]; printer [listen] Drucker {m}; Druckerin {f}; Druckereiarbeiter {m}; Druckereiarbeiterin {f}

print workers; printing machinists; printers Drucker {pl}; Druckerinnen {pl}; Druckereiarbeiter {pl}; Druckereiarbeiterinnen {pl}

printing; impression [listen] [listen] Drucklegung {f} [print]

press date Datum der Drucklegung

printing press Druckerpresse {f}; Druckmaschine {f} [print]

printing presses Druckerpressen {pl}; Druckmaschinen {pl}

on press an der Druckmaschine

single web press einbahnige Druckmaschine

multi web press mehrbahnige Druckmaschine

printing machine Druckmaschine {f} [print]

printing machines Druckmaschinen {pl}

printing machine by transfer Maschine für Umdruckverfahren

printing substrate Bedruckstoff {m}

printing office Buchdruckerei {f}

printing density; print density Druckdichte {f}

printing licence Druckerlaubnis {f}

printing ink Druckfarbe {f} [print]

printing inks Druckfarben {pl}

printing format Druckformat {n}

printing industry Druckgewerbe {f}; grafisches Gewerbe {n}

printing expenses; printing costs Druckkosten {pl}

printing plate; stereotype [listen] Druckplatte {f}

printing plates; stereotypes Druckplatten {pl}

printing screen Drucksieb {n} [print]

printing screens Drucksiebe {pl}

printing process Druckverfahren {n} [print]

printing [listen] Druckwesen {n} [print]

printing block Eindruckform {f}; Druckform {f} [textil.]

printing blocks Eindruckformen {pl}; Druckformen {pl}

printing place Erscheinungsort {m} [print]

printing machine by relief engraving Hochdruckmaschine {f}; Reliefdruckmaschine {f} [textil.]

printing machines by relief engraving Hochdruckmaschinen {pl}; Reliefdruckmaschinen {pl}

printing machine for films Kopiereinrichtung {f} für Filme

printing machine by intaglio engraving Tiefdruckmaschine {f} [textil.]

printing press Druckpresse {f}

printing industry Druckindustrie {f}

address printing Adressenschreibung {f}

job printing Akzidenzdruck {m}

flexographic printing Anilindruck {m} [techn.]

impact printing Anschlagdruck {m} [comp.]

atlas folio; large square folio (printing) Atlasformat {n}; Atlantenformat {n} [print]

banknote printing; bill printing [Am.] Banknotendruck {m} [print]

banknote printing house; bill printing house [Am.] Banknotendruckerei {f} [print]

banknote printing houses; bill printing houses Banknotendruckereien {pl}

braille; embossed printing (for the blind) Blindenschrift {f}; Brailleschrift {f}; Reliefdruck {m} für Blinde

braille books Bücher in Blindenschrift

book printing; letterpress printing Buchdruck {m} [print]

double printing; double strike Doppeldruck {m}

three-color printing Dreifarbendruck {m}

3D printing; protoprinting 3D-Druck {m}; Prototypdruck {m}

print; printing [listen] [listen] Drucken {n}

auto print automatisches Drucken

print shop; printshop; print works; printing house; printing business; printer's; printery Druckerei {f} [print]

print shops; printshops; printing works; printing houses; printeries Druckereien {pl}

newsprint; printer's ink; printing ink Druckerschwärze {f}; Schwärze {f} [print]

contribution to printing costs Druckkostenbeitrag {m}

fee for printing (of a description) Druckkostengebühr {f} (für eine Patentschrift) [adm.]

thin printing paper; airmail paper; India paper; bible paper; banknote paper [Br.]; onionskin paper [Am.] Dünndruckpapier {n}; Japanpapier {n}; Chinapapier {n}; Bibeldruckpapier {n} [print]

continuous form printing Endlosformulardruck {m} [comp.] [print]

label printing Etikettendruck {m}

trapping (printing) Farbannahme {f} [print]

solid ink printing Festtintendruck {m} [techn.]

screen printing Filmdruck {m} [textil.]

flat screen printing Flachdruck {m} [textil.]

flexographic printing; flexo printing; flexo; flexography; aniline printing (old use) Flexodruck {m}; Flexographie {f} [print]

gilt edging (book printing) Goldschnitt {m} (Buchdruck) (Vorgang) [print]

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