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pools coupon Totoschein {m}

pools coupons Totoscheine {pl}

football pools {pl} [Br.]; pools {pl} [Br.] Fußballtoto {m,n}; Toto {m,n}

to do the pools im Toto spielen; tippen [listen]

to win on the football pools im Toto gewinnen

lottery pools syndicate [Br.]; football pools syndicate [Br.] Tippgemeinschaft {f} (Lotterie oder Fußballtoto)

win on the pools Totogewinn {m}

wins on the pools Totogewinne {pl}

fuel cooling pond; fuel cooling pool; water storage pool (nuclear reactor) Abklingbecken {n} (Kernreaktor)

fuel cooling ponds; fuel cooling pools; water storage pools Abklingbecken {pl}

bathhouse; swimming pool; swimming bath [Br.] (old-fashioned); bath [hist.] Bad {n}; Badeanstalt {f} [listen]

bathhouses; swimming pools; swimming baths; baths Bäder {pl}; Badeanstalten {pl}

the ancient Roman baths die antiken römischen Bäder

pool of blood Blutlache {f}

pools of blood Blutlachen {pl}

data pool Datensammlung {f} [adm.] [comp.]

data pools Datensammlungen {pl}

oil field; petroleum deposit; oil pool; oil sheet Erdöllagerstätte {f} [min.]

oil fields; petroleum deposits; oil pools; oil sheets Erdöllagerstätten {pl}

outdoor pool Freischwimmbecken {n}

outdoor pools Freischwimmbecken {pl}

car pool; motor pool; vehicle fleet Fuhrpark {m}; Fahrzeugflotte {f}; Kraftfahrzeugflotte {f} [auto]

car pools; motor pools; vehicle fleets Fuhrparks {pl}; Fahrzeugflotten {pl}; Kraftfahrzeugflotten {pl}

indoor swimming pool Hallenbad {n}

indoor swimming pools Hallenbäder {pl}

children's pool Kinderbecken {n}

children's pools Kinderbecken {pl}

pool; puddle [listen] [listen] Lache {f} (Pfütze)

pools; puddles Lachen {pl}

pool for non-swimmers Nichtschwimmerbecken {n}

pools for non-swimmers Nichtschwimmerbecken {pl}

paddle pond; paddling pool; splash pond Plantschbecken {n}; Planschbecken {n} [alt]

paddle ponds; paddling pools; splash ponds Plantschbecken {pl}; Planschbecken {pl}

collective account; summary account; commodity pool (stock exchange) [Am.] Sammelkonto {n} [fin.]

collective accounts; summary accounts; commodity pools Sammelkonten {pl}

swimming pool; public swimming pool Schwimmbad {n}; Schwimmbecken {n} [listen]

swimming pools; public swimming pools Schwimmbäder {pl}; Schwimmbecken {pl}

indoor swimming pool; indoor pool Schwimmhalle {f}; Hallenbad {n}; Hallenschwimmbad {n}; Innenschwimmbad {n}; überdachtes Schwimmbad

indoor swimming pools; indoor pools Schwimmhallen {pl}; Hallenbäder {pl}; Hallenschwimmbäder {pl}; Innenschwimmbäder {pl}; überdachte Schwimmbäder

sunk well; cess-pool Senkbrunnen {m}

sunk wells; cess-pools Senkbrunnen {pl}

diving pool Sprungbecken {n} (Schwimmbad)

diving pools Sprungbecken {pl}

pool [listen] Teich {m}; Tümpel {m} [listen]

pools Teiche {pl}; Tümpel {pl}

betting pool Tippgemeinschaft {f}

betting pools Tippgemeinschaften {pl}

competition swimming pool Wettkampfschwimmbecken {n} [sport]

competition swimming pools Wettkampfschwimmbecken {pl}