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18 results for plank
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plank Schwerpunkt {m} [pol.] [listen]

plank; board; planking [listen] Planke {f}

planks; boards; planking Planken {pl}

plank-bed; wooden bed Pritsche {f} (Holzliege)

plank-beds; wooden beds Pritschen {pl}

plank strake (ship) Plankengang {m} (Schiff) [naut.]

plank strakes Plankengänge {pl}

paint strake oberster Plankengang

to plank verzimmern; verplanken

planking verzimmernd; verplankend

planked verzimmerte; verplankte

plank Bohle {f}; Holzbohle {f}

planks Bohlen {pl}; Holzbohlen {pl}

plank (dickes) Brett {n} [listen]

planks Bretter {pl}

plank seam (ship) Plankennaht {f} (Schiff) [naut.]

plank seams Plankennähte {pl}

walkway plank; walk plank Begehplanke {f} [constr.]

walkway planks; walk planks Begehplanken {pl}

gypsum plank Gipsdiele {f} [constr.]

gypsum planks Gipsdielen {pl}

squared timber; scantling; balk; plank; chock block; chock lump; rectangular timber Kantholz {n}; Kantel {f}

two-by-four Kantholz 5 auf 10 cm (Balkenmaß)

comb-grained plank Riftbrett {n}

teeterboard; Korean plank (acrobatic apparatus in the circus) Schleuderbrett {n} (Akrobatikgerät im Zirkus)

teeterboards; Korean planks Schleuderbretter {pl}

single-plank wall Ständerwand {f}; einfache Bohlenwand {f} [constr.]

single-plank walls Ständerwände {pl}; einfache Bohlenwände {pl}

thick fir board; fir plank Tannenholzbohle {f}

thick fir boards; fir planks Tannenholzbohlen {pl}

wooden board; plank Holzbrett {n}

wooden board; planks Holzbretter {pl}

shuttering formwork; formwork; shuttering; casing [listen] Einschalung {f}; Verschalung {f}; Schalung {f}; Schalungsarbeit {f} (für Beton) [constr.]

travelling formwork; travelling form; moving formwork; moving form Wanderschalung {f}

shuttering with thin boards Schalung aus dünnen Brettern

lagging of the centre Schalung des Lehrgerüsts

to board; to plank; to line with boards/planks [listen] eine Schalung machen

yoga pose; yoga posture; yoga position (asana) Jogastellung {f}; Jogahaltung {f} (Asana) [phil.]

eagle pose (yoga) Adlerstellung {f} (Joga)

tree pose (yoga) Baumstellung {f} (Joga)

bow pose (yoga) Bogenstellung {f} (Joga)

spinal twist (yoga) Drehsitz {f} (Joga)

triangle pose (yoga) Dreieckstellung {f} (Joga)

fish pose (yoga) Fischstellung {f} (Joga)

bound angle pose (yoga) gebundene Winkelstellung {f} (Joga)

revolved side angle pose (yoga) gedrehte, seitliche Winkelstellung {f} (Joga)

garland pose (yoga) Girlandenstellung {f}; tiefe Hockstellung {f} (Joga)

crescent moon pose (yoga) Halbmondstellung {f} (Joga)

hero pose; warrior pose (yoga) Heldenstellung {f} (Joga)

locust pose (yoga) Heuschreckenstellung {f} (Joga)

cobra pose (yoga) Kobrastellung {f} (Joga)

standing forward bend (yoga) Kopf-Fuß-Stellung {f} (Joga)

cow face pose (yoga) Kuhmaulstellung {f} (Joga)

lotus pose (yoga) Lotussitz {m} (Joga)

downward facing dog pose (yoga) Nach-unten-schauender-Hund-Stellung {f}; Dachstellung {f} (Joga)

plough pose [Br.]; plow pose [Am.] (yoga) Pflugstellung {f} (Joga)

shoulder stand (yoga) Schulterstand {m}; Kerze {f} (Joga)

side plank pose (yoga) Seitstützstellung {f}; seitliche Brettstellung {f} (Joga)

seated/standing forward bend (yoga) sitzende/stehende Vorwärtsbeuge {f} (Joga)

staff pose (yoga) Stocksitz {m} (Joga)

four limbed staff pose (yoga) Stockstellung {f}; Stabstellung {f}; Plankenstellung {f} (Joga)

lord of dance pose (yoga) Tänzerstellung {f} (Joga)

corpse pose; relaxation pose (yoga) Totenstellung {f}; Entspannungslage {f} (Joga)

full boat pose (yoga) volle Bootsstellung {f} (Joga)
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