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movers and shakers Macher {pl} (Personen mit Macht und Einfluss)

movers and shakers treibende Kräfte {pl}

movers and shakers Impulsgeber {pl}

furniture removers [Br.]; (company of) removers [Br.]; (firm of) furniture movers [Am.]; (company of) movers [Am.] Möbelspedition {f}; Mobelspediteur {m}; Umzugsfirma {f}; Umzugsunternehmen {n}

main engine; prime mover Antriebsmaschine {f} [techn.]

main engines; prime movers Antriebsmaschinen {pl}

three-mover Dreizüger {m} (Problemschach)

three-movers Dreizüger {pl}

shelf warmer; soiled goods; sticker; slow mover [Am.] [listen] Ladenhüter {m}

shelf warmers; soiled goods; stickers; slow movers Ladenhüter {pl}

semi-trailer towing vehicle; tractor unit; road tractor; truck [Br.]; tractor [Am.]; prime mover [Austr.] [listen] [listen] Sattelschlepper {m}; Sattelzugfahrzeug {n}; Sattelzugmaschine {f} [auto]

semi-trailer towing vehicles; tractor units; road tractors; trucks; tractors; prime movers Sattelschlepper {pl}; Sattelzugfahrzeuge {pl}; Sattelzugmaschinen {pl}

towing vehicle; tractor (unit); motor tractor; truck [Br.]; prime mover [Austr.] [listen] [listen] Zugfahrzeug {n}; Zugmaschine {f}; Zugwagen {m} [auto]

towing vehicles; tractors; motor tractors; trucks; prime movers Zugfahrzeuge {pl}; Zugmaschinen {pl}; Zugwagen {pl}

bobtail [coll.] Zugmaschine ohne Anhänger

two-mover Zweizüger {m} (Problemschach)

two-movers Zweizüger {pl}