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13 results for gage | gage
Word division: Ga·ge
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gauge [Br.]; gage [Am.] [listen] [listen] Lehre {f}; Messlehre {f} [techn.] [listen]

gauges; gages Lehren {pl}; Messlehren {pl}

gauge; gage [Am.] [listen] [listen] Pegel {m}; Maß {n} [listen] [listen]

gage nut Lehrmutter {f} [techn.]

gage nuts Lehrmuttern {pl}

wire gauge [Br.]; wire gage [Am.] Drahtlehre {f} [techn.]

wire gauges; wire gages Drahtlehren {pl}

standard wire gauge /SWG/ [Br.]; standard wire gage [Am.] genormte Drahtlehre

American wire gauge; Brown and Sharpe wire gauge; Brown and Sharpe wire gage [Am.] Brown & Sharpe-Drahtlehre; B & S-Drahtlehre

level of water; water level; water stage; stage; gauge height; gage height [Am.] [listen] Wasserstand {m}; Pegelstand {m}; Wasserpegel {m}; Wasserspiegel {m} [envir.]

levels of water; water levels; water stages; stages; gauge heights; gage heights [listen] Wasserstände {pl}; Pegelstände {pl}; Wasserpegel {pl}; Wasserspiegel {pl}

fluctuating water level; oscillating water stage wechselnder Wasserstand; wechselnder Pegelstand; wechselnder Wasserspiegel

attribute gage Attributenprüfung {f}

manometer; pressure gage [Am.]; pressure gauge Druckmesser {m}; Manometer {n}

manometers; pressure gages; pressure gauges Druckmesser {pl}; Manometer {pl}

skidded gage; averaging device Kufentastsystem {n} (zur Oberflächenprüfung) [techn.]

level; water-gauge; water-gage [Am.] [listen] Pegel {m}; Wasserpegel {m} [listen]

water level indicator; water level gauge; water gauge; water gage [Am.]; stage gauge; stage gage [Am.]; river gauge; river gage [Am.]; water level mark; limnimeter (water engineering) Pegelstandsanzeige {f}; Pegel {m}; Wasserstandsanzeige {f}; Wasserstandsmarke {f}; Limnimeter {n} (Wasserbau) [listen]

water level indicators; water level gauges; water gauges; water gages; stage gauges; stage gages; river gauges; river gages; water level marks; limnimeters Pegelstandsanzeigen {pl}; Pegel {pl}; Wasserstandsanzeigen {pl}; Wasserstandsmarken {pl}; Limnimeter {pl} [listen]

skid depth gage [Am.] Profilmesser {m}

water level indicator; water gauge indicator; water level gauge; water gauge; water gage [Am.]; stage gauge; stage gage [Am.] Wasserstandsanzeiger {m}; Wasserstandsmesser {m} [techn.]

water level indicators; water gauge indicators; water level gauges; water gauges; water gages; stage gauges; stage gages Wasserstandsanzeiger {pl}; Wasserstandsmesser {pl}

European plum Kulturpflaume {f}; Pflaume {f} (Prunus domestica) [bot.] [cook.]

common plum; plum [listen] Echte Zwetschge {f}; Zwetschge {f} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Zwetsche {f} [Norddt.]; Pflaume {f} [Norddt.] [Mitteldt.]; Quetsche {f} [Süddt.]; Zwetschke {f} [Ös.] (Prunus domestica subsp. domestica)

egg plum Halbzwetschge {f}; Halbzwetsche {f} [Norddt.]; Halbpflaume {f} [Norddt.] [Mitteldt.]; Halbzwetschke {f} [Ös.] (Prunus domestica subsp. intermedia)

damson plum; damson; Damask plum Kriechenpflaume {f}; Haferpflaume {f} (Prunus domestica subsp. insititia)

gage plum; gage [listen] Edelpflaume {f} (Prunus domestica subsp. italica)

greengage plum; greengage; reine claude Ringlotte {f}; Reneklode {f}; Reineclaude {f}; Ringlo {f} [Süddt.] (Prunus domestica subsp. italica var. claudiana)

round plum Edelrundpflaume {f}; Rundpflaume {f} (Prunus domestica subsp. italica var. subrotunda)

mirabelle plum; mirabelle Mirabelle {f}; Gelbe Zwetschge {f} (Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca)

spilling plum Gelber Spilling; Spilling; Spenling; Spönling [Ös.] (Prunus domestica subsp. pomariorum)

zibarte plum Zibarte; Ziparte; Zibertle [BW]; Ziberli [Schw.] (Prunus domestica subsp. prisca)
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