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to fraudulently obtain sth.; to obtain sth. by fraud; to obtain sth. by trickery sich etw. erschleichen {vr}

fraudulently obtaining; obtaining by fraud; obtaining by trickery erschleichend

fraudulently obtained; obtained by fraud; obtained by trickery erschlichen

obtains by fraud erschleicht

obtained by fraud erschlich

fraudulently betrügerisch {adv}

to fail to disclose sth. to sb.; to conceal sth.; to withhold sth. from sb. jdm. etw. verschweigen {vt}

failing to disclose; concealing; withholding [listen] verschweigend

failed to disclose; concealed; withheld [listen] [listen] verschwiegen

to fraudulently conceal sth. etw. arglistig verschweigen

to fail to disclose material facts wesentliche Tatsachen verschweigen

Why didn't you tell me about this? Warum hast du mir das verschwiegen?