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fitting passend; geeignet; angemessen; günstig; recht {adj} [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen]

fitting [Br.] [listen] Größe {f} [listen]

curve fitting; data fitting Ausgleichungsrechnung {f}; Ausgleichsrechnung {f}; Ausgleichung {f}; Anpassung {f}; Regression {f} [math.] [listen]

least square fitting Anpassung mittels Fehlerquadratmethode

installation; fitting [listen] [listen] Einbau {m}; Montage {f} [listen] [listen]

fitting (of clothes) [listen] Anprobe {f} (von Kleidung)

fittings [listen] Anproben {pl}

fitting dimensions; mating dimensions; companion dimensions; interrelated dimensions Anschlussmaße {pl} [techn.]

fitting [listen] Anschlussnippel {n}

fitting assembly Armaturenbalken {m}

fitting [listen] Einbau {m} (eingebautes Teil) [listen]

fitting spring Haltefeder {f}

fitting springs Haltefedern {pl}

fitting damage Montagedefekt {m}

fitting lubricant Montagehilfsmittel {n}

fitting line (on tyre/tire) Montagekennlinie {f} (am Reifen)

fitting lubricant; tyre/tire bead lubricant Montagepaste {f}

fitting foam glue Montageschaum {m}

fitting [listen] Muffe {f}

fittings [listen] Muffen {pl}

fitting length /FL/ Passlänge {f}

fitting screw; locating screw Passschraube {f} [techn.]

fitting screws; locating screws Passschrauben {pl}

fitting element; fitting piece Passstück {n} [techn.]

fitting elements; fitting pieces Passstücke {pl}

fitting clearance Passungsspiel {n} [mach.]

fitting room [Br.]; changing room [Br.]; changing cubicle [Br.]; dressing room [Am.] (cubicle in a shop for trying on clothes) Umkleidekabine {f} (zum Anprobieren im Geschäft)

fitting rooms; changing rooms; changing cubicles; dressing rooms Umkleidekabinen {pl}

fitting the body shape körpergerecht {adj}

fitting exactly passgenau {adj}

fitting schicklich {adj}

fitting part Beschlagteil {m}

fitting parts Beschlagteile {pl}

fitting working machines Armaturenbearbeitungsmaschinen {pl} [mach.]

fitting repair services Armaturenreparaturen {pl} [econ.]

fitting elements Ausstattungselemente {pl} [techn.]

screw/screwed joint/connection/union; screw fitting; screwing Verschraubung {f}; Schraubverbindung {f} [techn.]

screw/screwed joints/connections/unions; screw fittings; screwings Verschraubungen {pl}; Schraubverbindungen {pl}

union piece Verschraubung für Rohre

bolted joint/connection Verschraubung mit Durchsteckschrauben

lighting fitting; lighting fixture; lighting gear; lamp [listen] Beleuchtungskörper {m}; Leuchte {f}

lighting fittings; lighting fixtures; lighting gears; lamps Beleuchtungskörper {pl}; Leuchten {pl}

lighting fitting for air supply and return Klimaleuchte {f} [electr.]

drain fitting Abflussarmatur {f}

site fitting Anpassen {n}

connection; fitting; connecting piece [listen] [listen] Anschlussstück {n}

connections; fittings; connecting pieces [listen] Anschlussstücke {pl}

inflation bell (tyre/tire fitting) Befüllglocke {f} (Reifenmontage) [techn.]

ironmongery works; mounting of metal fitting Beschlagarbeiten {pl} [constr.]

flanged screw fitting Bördelverschraubung {f} [techn.]

flanged screw fittings Bördelverschraubungen {pl}

lighting point; point for lighting fitting; lighting outlet; lighting unit Brennstelle {f} [constr.] [electr.]

lighting points; points for lighting fitting; lighting outlets; lighting units Brennstellen {pl}

top fitting (container) oberer Eckbeschlag {m} (Container)

single-lever fitting Einhebelarmatur {f}

single-lever fittings Einhebelarmaturen {pl}

recess (for fitting a lock) [listen] Einlassung {f} (für ein Schloss)

electrofusion sleeve; electrofusion fitting; electrofusion coupling; EF coupler Elektroschweißmuffe {f}; Elektromuffe {f}

electrofusion sleeves; electrofusion fittings; electrofusion couplings; EF couplers Elektroschweißmuffen {pl}; Elektromuffen {pl}

stove-fitting; stove-building; stove-making Hafnerei {f}

box fitting Kästchenbeschlag {m}

box fittings Kästchenbeschläge {pl}

flap covered lubricator; grease fitting Klappöler {m} [techn.]

flap covered lubricators; grease fittings Klappöler {pl}

clamp fitting; segment fitting (hose) Klemmarmatur {f} (Schlauch)

clamp fittings; segment fittings Klemmarmaturen {pl}

clamp fitting Klemmband {n}; Klemmbefestigung {f} [techn.]

compression fitting Klemmringverschraubung {f}

compression fittings Klemmringverschraubungen {pl}

cross fitting; cross-type flange joint; cross-type screw fitting Kreuzverschraubung {f} [techn.]

curve fitting; fitting [listen] stochastische Kurvenermittlung {f}; Kurvenausgleichung {f}; Kurvenanpassung {f} [math.]

furniture fitting; furniture mounting Möbelbeschlag {m}

furniture fittings; furniture mountings Möbelbeschläge {pl}

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