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deficiency [listen] Mangel {m}; Mangelhaftigkeit {f} [listen]

deficiencies [listen] Mängel {pl} [listen]

deficit; deficiency [listen] [listen] Defizit {n}; Fehlbetrag {m}; Minderbetrag {m} [fin.]

deficits; deficiencies [listen] Defizite {pl}; Fehlbeträge {pl}; Minderbeträge {pl}

excessive deficit übermäßiges Defizit

to show a deficit ein Defizit aufweisen

deficiency; deficit; shortcoming [listen] [listen] [listen] Manko {n}

deficiency; inadequacy [listen] Unzulänglichkeit {f}

deficiencies; inadequacies [listen] Unzulänglichkeiten {pl}

deficiency bleeding Mangelblutung {f} [med.]

vitamin K deficiency bleeding Vitamin-K-Mangelblutung

deficiency in receipts Mindereinnahmen {pl}

deficiency symptom Mangelerscheinung {f} [med.]

deficiency symptoms Mangelerscheinungen {pl}

defect in title; deficiency in title; flaw in title Rechtsmangel {m} [jur.]

defects in title; deficiencies in title; flaws in title Rechtsmängel {pl}

defect of title in a land sale contract Rechtsmangel bei Grundstücken

knowledge by the purchaser of the defect in title Wissen des Käufers um den Rechtsmangel

to cure a flaw in title einen Rechtsmangel heilen

mental deficiency; feeble-mindedness Schwachsinn {m} [med.]

mild mental deficiency leichter Schwachsinn

severe to moderate mental deficiency mittelschwerer Schwachsinn

profound mental deficiency schwerer Schwachsinn

immunodeficiency; immune deficiency Immunschwäche {f} [med.]

to be immunodeficient eine Immunschwäche haben

Human Immuno-deficiency Virus /HIV/ Virus der Immunschwächekrankheit /HIV/

defect in quality; deficiency in quality; material defect Sachmangel {m} [jur.]

defects in quality; deficiencies in quality; material defects Sachmängel {pl}

minor faults in the goods geringfügige Sachmängel

letter of indemnity; indemnity bond; deficit guarantee; deficiency suretyship; conditional guarantee Ausfallbürgschaft {f}

blood coagulation deficiency; coagulation deficiency Blutgerinnungsmangel {m}; Gerinnungsmangel {m} [med.]

defect; deficiency [listen] [listen] Defekt {m}; Defizienz {f} [med.] [listen]

iron deficiency Eisenmangel {m}

iron-deficiency anemia Eisenmangelanämie {f} [med.]

protein deficiency Eiweißmangel {m}

defect; deficiency; weakness; affliction [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Gebrechen {n}

defects; deficiencies; weaknesses; afflictions [listen] [listen] Gebrechen {pl}

corpus luteum deficiency; luteal corpus deficiency Gelbkörpermangelzustand {m} [med.]

lactase deficiency Lactasemangel {m}

aggregate deficiency in demand Lücke in der Gesamtnachfrage

lack of food; alimentary deficiency Nahrungsmangel {m}

Rosenthal syndrome; factor XI deficiency syndrome Rosenthal-Syndrom {n} [med.]

oxygen deficiency Sauerstoffarmut {f}

lack of oxygen; oxygen deficiency Sauerstoffmangel {m}

nitrogen deficiency; nitrogen shortage Stickstoffmangel {m} [biol.]

malnutrition; nutritional deficiency Unterernährung {f}; Mangelernährung {f} [med.]

vitamin deficiency Vitaminmangel {m}

zinc deficiency Zinkmangel {m} [med.]

heat exhaustion; heat prostration; salt and fluid deficiency saloprive Hitzeerschöpfung {f}; Hitzeerschöpfung {f}; Kochsalzmangel-Erschöpfung {f} [med.]

nutritive deficiency Nährstoffverarmung {f} [biochem.]

lack of sleep; sleep deficiency Schlafmangel {m} [med.]

AIDS; Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) Aids {n} [med.] [listen]

AIDS-associated opportunistic infections, co-infections, and malignancies Aids-assozierte opportunistische Infektionen und Koinfektionen