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deceased; dead person; dead [listen] Tote {m,f}; Toter

the dead die Toten

many dead viele Tote

to raise sb. from the dead [coll.] jdn. von den Toten auferwecken [ugs.]

deceased person; deceased; decedent [Am.] [jur.] [listen] Verstorbene {m,f}; Verstorbener

the deceased; decedents Verstorbenen {pl}; Verstorbene

recently deceased person kürzlich Verstorbene; kürzlich verstorbene Person

right of inheritance; right to a deceased's [Br.] / decedent's [Am.] estate Erbberechtigung {f}

transfer of the deceased's [Br.]/decedent's [Am.] estate to the heir; devolution of the estate on the heir Erbschaftsübergang {m}; Erbübergang {m} [jur.]

the law of deceased's [Br.] / decedent's nationality; lex successionis Erbstatut {n} [jur.]

payments to dependants (of a deceased person) Hinterbliebenenbezüge {pl} [adm.]

property left (by a deceased [Br.]/decedent [Am.]); estate (of a deceased [Br.]/decedent [Am.]) [listen] Hinterlassenschaft {f}; Verlassenschaft [Ös.]; Nachlass {m} (eines Verstorbenen) [jur.] [listen]

settling of the deceased person's estate Nachlassabwicklung {f}

distribution/partition of the deceased person's estate; distribution/partition of the decedent's estate [Am.] Nachlassaufteilung {f}; Nachlassteilung {f}; Nachlassauseinandersetzung {f}

taxation of the estate of a deceased person Nachlassbesteuerung {f}

debt due to the estate of the deceased person; claim by the estate of the deceased person Nachlassforderung {f}

assets constituting the deceased person's estate Nachlassgegenstände {pl}

inventory of the deceased person's estate; inventory of the decedent's estate [Am.] Verzeichnis {n} der Nachlassgegenstände; Nachlassverzeichnis {n}; Nachlassinventar {n}

to draw up an inventory of the deceased person's estate ein Nachlassverzeichnis aufstellen

creditor of the deceased person's estate Nachlassgläubiger {m}

administration in insolvency/bankruptcy of the deceased person's/decedents's [Am.] estate Nachlassinsolvenz {f}; Nachlasskonkurs {m}

curator of the deceased person's estate Nachlasspfleger {m}

curators of the deceased person's estate Nachlasspfleger {pl}

curatorship of the deceased person's estate Nachlasspflegschaft {f}

case/matter relating to a deceased's/decedent's [Am.] estate Nachlasssache {f}

in the matter of the estate of (the deceased) Ms. Ida Hoss in der Nachlasssache Ida Hoss

debts of the deceased person's estate Nachlassschulden {pl}

measures to preserve the deceased person's estate Nachlasssicherung {f}

liabilities of the deceased person's estate Nachlassverbindlichkeiten {pl}

administration of the deceased person's estate Nachlassverwaltung {f}

care of the deceased Totenversorgung {f}

composition proceedings in respect of the (insolvent) estate of a deceased person/decedent [Am.] Nachlassvergleichsverfahren {n}

died; deceased /d./; obiit /ob./ [listen] gestorben /gest./

heir; inheritor [Am.] (of sb./to sth.) Erbe {m} (Person) (von jdm./etw.) [jur.] [listen]

heirs; inheritors Erben {pl}

to be heir of/to sb. jds. Erbe sein

to be heir to an estate der Erbe eines Vermögens sein

sole heir; sole person entitled to a deceased's/decedent's estate alleiniger Erbe

rightful heir berechtigter Erbe

inheritance; estate (of a deceased [Br.]/decedent [Am.]) [listen] [listen] Erbschaft {f}; Erbmasse {f}; Erbe {n} [listen]

inheritances; estates Erbschaften {pl}

patrimony, property inherited from one's father väterliches Erbe

accrued inheritance angefallene Erbschaft

to be/form part of the estate zur Erbmasse gehören

escheated inheritance [Am.] dem Staat anheimgefallene Erbschaft

estate in expectancy zu erwartende Erbschaft

to enter upon an inheritance eine Erbschaft antreten

share in the inheritance/estate; portion of the inheritance/estate Erbteil {n} [jur.]

shares in the inheritance/estate; portions of the estate Erbteile {pl}

statutory portion of the deceased's [Br.]/decendent's [Am.] estate; intestate share; share under an intestacy; distributive share [Am.] gesetzlicher Erbteil

to claim your intestate share seinen gesetzlichen Erbteil geltend machen

to give credit for the portion already received; to bring into hotchpot sums alrady advanced [Br.]; to deduct advancements from your share in the estate Vorausempfänge auf den Erbteil anrechnen

right of use; usufructuary right; usufruct (of another person's property) Nutzungsrecht {n}; Nießbrauchsrecht {n} [Dt.]; Nießbrauch {m} [Dt.]; Fruchtnießungsrecht {n} [Ös.]; Fruchtnießung {f} [Ös.]; Fruchtgenussrecht {n} [Ös.]; Fruchtgenuss {m} [Ös.] (an einer fremden Sache) [jur.]

tenancy for life; life tenancy lebenslanges Nutzungsrecht

usufruct of immovable property Nutzungsrecht an unbeweglichem Vermögen

usufruct of intangible property Nutzungsrecht an immateriellem Vermögen

usufruct of a deceased's [Br.] / decendent's [Am.] estate Nutzungsrecht an einer Erbschaft

right of common; common gemeinschaftliches Nutzungsrecht an Grundbesitz

property burdened/encumbered with a usufruct mit einem Nutzungsrecht belastetes Vermögen

to create/grant a usufruct einen Nießbrauch bestellen

to create a usufruct/life interest by will einen lebenslänglichen Nießbrauch an einem Nachlass bestellen

intentions; wishes; philosophy; interest; terms (of sb.) [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] Sinn {m}; Sinne {pl} (Intentionen) (von jdm. / +Gen.) [listen] [listen]

pure pacifists in Ghandi's tradition echte Pazifisten im Sinne Ghandis

a settlement on Russia's terms eine Einigung im Sinne Russlands

to act as sb. would have wished in jds. Sinne handeln

to be (very) much in line with the philosophy of sb. ganz im Sinne von jdm. sein

These activities fit in very well with the school's philosophy. Diese Aktivitäten sind ganz im Sinne der Schule.

This is what the deceased would have wanted.; This would be in accordance with the intentions of the deceased. Das wäre im Sinne des Verstorbenen.

This is not really what was intended. Das ist nicht im Sinne des Erfinders.

This is also in the interest of the other stakeholders. Das ist auch im Sinne der anderen Beteiligten.

Can the conflict be resolved in a manner favourable to us/to our interests? Kann dieser Konflikt in unserem Sinn gelöst werden?

to show; to reveal; to establish; to prove sth. [listen] [listen] [listen] etw. ergeben (als Ergebnis hervorbringen) {vt}

What are the figures showing? Was ergeben die Zahlen?

The analysis yielded the following result(s): Die Analyse ergab Folgendes:

An examination of the deceased's estate shows/has shown that the manuscript is missing. Die Sichtung des Nachlasses hat ergeben, dass das Manuskript fehlt.

The assessment of the application reveals/has revealed that the conditions for authorizing the method are fulfilled/satisfied. Die Prüfung des Antrags hat ergeben, dass die Voraussetzungen für die Zulassung der Methode erfüllt sind.

If the investigations establish that fraud has taken place, new controls need to be implemented. Wenn die Ermittlungen ergeben, dass Betrug vorliegt, müssen neue Kontrollen eingeführt werden.

Scientific tests prove that most Liverpudlians have chronic catarrh. Wissenschaftliche Tests haben ergeben, dass die meisten Liverpooler einen chronischen Katarrh haben.

The inspections carried out have not disclosed any factor capable of casting doubt on the regularity of the expenditure declared. Die durchgeführten Kontrollen haben nichts ergeben, was die Ordnungsmäßigkeit der gemeldeten Ausgaben in Frage stellen würde.

dead [listen] gestorben {adj} [listen]

to be dead; to be deceased gestorben sein

to decease [listen] versterben; sterben; ableben; hinscheiden {vi} [listen]

deceasing versterbend; sterbend; ablebend; hinscheidend

deceased [listen] verstorben; gestorben; abgelebt; hingeschieden [listen]
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