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character [listen] Person {f} (Theater); Rolle {f} [listen] [listen]

role; character; theatrical role; part; persona [listen] [listen] [listen] Rolle {f} (Theater; Film) [listen]

roles; characters; theatrical roles; parts; personae [listen] [listen] Rollen {pl}

to reverse roles die Rollen vertauschen

to read a play with assigned parts ein Stück mit verteilten Rollen lesen

group work with assigned roles/parts Gruppenarbeit mit verteilten Rollen

character [listen] Charakter {m}; Person {f}; Persönlichkeit {f} [listen] [listen]

This/That needs character. Dazu gehört Charakter.

character; char [listen] [listen] Zeichen {n} [listen]

characters; chars [listen] Zeichen {pl} [listen]

characters per second /CPS/ Zeichen je Sekunde

characters per line Zeichen je Zeile

characters per inch Zeichen je Zoll

character trait; trait [listen] Charakterzug {m}; Zug {m}; Eigenschaft {f}; Merkmal {n} [listen] [listen] [listen]

traits [listen] Charakterzüge {pl}; Züge {pl}; Eigenschaften {pl}; Merkmale {pl} [listen] [listen]

inherited trait vererbte Eigenschaft {f} [biol.]

character [listen] Schriftzeichen {n}; Symbol {n}

characters [listen] Schriftzeichen {pl}; Symbole {pl}

characteristic; character attributes; trait of character [listen] Charaktereigenschaft {f}; Merkmal {n} [listen]

characteristics [listen] Charaktereigenschaften {pl}; Merkmale {pl} [listen]

dimensional characteristics maßliche Merkmale

character-oriented zeichenweise arbeitend {adj} [comp.]

character mode zeichenweiser Betrieb

character and appearance of the town/village; general appearance of towns and villages Ortsbild {n}

to preserve the character and appearance of the town/village das Ortsbild pflegen

to spoil the general appearance of the town/village das Ortsbild verschandeln

Flowers enhance the general appearance of towns and villages. Blumen verschönern das Ortsbild.

character of soil; soil character; type of soil; soil texture Bodenart {f} [geol.]

characters of soil; soil characters; types of soil; soil textures Bodenarten {pl}

loose soil character rollige Bodenart

character recognition Zeichenerkennung {f} [comp.]

optical character recognition /OCR/ optische Zeichenerkennung; Texterkennung {f}

handwriting recognition Handschrifttexterkennung {f}

character [listen] charakterlich {adj}

strength of character charakterliche Stärke

character weaknesses charakterliche Schwächen

character dance Ausdruckstanz {m}

character [listen] Beschaffenheit {f} [listen]

character [listen] Buchstabe {m} [listen]

characters [listen] Buchstaben {pl} [listen]

character sketch Charakterbild {n}

character sketches Charakterbilder {pl}

character actor Charakterdarsteller {m}; Charakterdarstellerin {f} [art]

character actors Charakterdarsteller {pl}; Charakterdarstellerinnen {pl}

character dancing Charaktertanz {m}

character erase Einzellöschzeichen {n}

character in a novel; figure of a novel Romanfigur {f}; Romangestalt {f}; Romanheld {m}; Romanheldin {f}

characters in a novel; figures of a novel Romanfiguren {pl}; Romangestalten {pl}; Romanhelden {pl}; Romanheldinnen {pl}

character assassination Rufmord {m}

character sensing Schriftlesen {n}; Zeichenabtastung {f}

character fill Speicherauffüllung {f}

character pitch Zeichenabstand {m}; Zeichenbreite {f}

character density Zeichendichte {f}

character printer Zeichendrucker {m} (serieller Drucker)

character shape Zeichenform {f}

character encoding Zeichenkodierung {f}; Zeichensatz {m} [comp.]

character encodings Zeichenkodierungen {pl}; Zeichensätze {pl}

character set Zeichenmenge {f}; Zeichenvorrat {m}

character reference line Zeichenmittellinie {f}

character skew Zeichenneigung {f}; Schrägstellung {f}

character set Zeichensatz {m}

character outline Zeichenumriss {m}

character conversion Zeichenumsetzung {f}

character verification Zeichenüberprüfung {f}

optical character verification /OCV/ optische Zeichenüberprüfung

character moulding charakterbildend {adj}

character by character zeichenweise {adv}

character imaging zeichnend; darstellend

good-conduct/good-character certificate; certificate of good conduct/character; criminal record certificate [Br.] [listen] Führungszeugnis {n} [Dt.]; Strafregisterbescheinigung {f} [Ös.]; Leumundszeugnis {n} [Ös.] (veraltet) [adm.]

good-conduct/good-character certificates; certificates of good conduct/character; criminal record certificates Führungszeugnisse {pl}; Strafregisterbescheinigungen {pl}; Leumundszeugnisse {pl}

enhanced criminal record certificate [Br.] erweitertes Führungszeugnis [Dt.]

police clearance certificate; police good-conduct certificate polizeiliches Führungszeugnis [Dt.] (veraltet)

sex character; sex characteristic Geschlechtsmerkmal {n} [anat.]

sex characters; sex characteristics Geschlechtsmerkmale {pl}

primary/secondary sex character primäres/sekundäres Geschlechtsmerkmal

main character Hauptgestalt {f}; Hauptfigur {f}

central character Hauptgestalt {f}; Hauptfigur {f}

principal character Hauptgestalt {f}; Hauptfigur {f}

end-of-address character Adressendezeichen {n} [comp.]

accent character Akzentbuchstabe {m}

accent characters Akzentbuchstaben {pl}

analogue character [Br.]; analog character [Am.] Analogzeichen {n}

article character Artikelcharakter {m}

valence; demanding character Aufforderungscharakter {m} [psych.]

pad character Auffüllzeichen {n}

pad characters Auffüllzeichen {pl}

binary character Binärzeichen {n}

binary characters Binärzeichen {pl}

dummy character Blindzeichen {n}

block check character Blockprüfzeichen {n}

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