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catering; feeding; service; provision of food and drink [listen] [listen] [listen] Bewirtung {f}

catering container Gastronomiebehälter {m} [cook.]

catering containers Gastronomiebehälter {pl}

catering [listen] Verpflegung {f} [listen]

catering service Verpflegungsbetrieb {m}; Cateringdienst {m}; Catering-Service {n} [econ.]

self-catering [Br.] für Selbstversorger

self-catering holidays Urlaub für Selbstversorger

self-catering mountain refuge Schutzhütte für Selbstversorger

banquet service; catering service Bankettservice {m}

holiday flat [Br.]; holiday let [Br.]; tourist let [Br.]; vacation apartment [Am.]; self-catering flat/apartment Ferienwohnung {f}

holiday flats; holiday lets; tourist lets; vacation apartments; self-catering flats/apartments Ferienwohnungen {pl}

party catering service Party-Service {m}

self-supply; self-catering Selbstversorgung {f}

system catering Systemgastronomie {f} [econ.]

business catering Betriebsverpflegung {f}

automatic catering machines Automatencatering {n}

Bible; bible (copy, fig.) Bibel {f} [relig.] [übtr.]

the teachings of the Bible die Lehre der Bibel

the bible of the catering world die Bibel der Gastronomie

food-service trade/sector/industry Gaststättengewerbe {n}; Gastronomie {f} [econ.]

hotel restaurants Hotelgastronomie {f}

horeca products (hotel/restaurant/catering) Produkte für die Gastronomie; Gastro-Produkte {pl}; Gastronomiebedarf {m}; Gastro-Bedarf {m}