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boats for hire Bootsverleih {m}

chain of towed boats Schleppzug {m} [naut.]

chains of towed boats Schleppzüge {pl}

work dipping boats Arbeitstauchboote [naut.] [mach.]

excursion boat; pleasure boat Ausflugsboot {n}

excursion boats; pleasure boats Ausflugsboote {pl}

banana boat Bananendampfer {m}; Bananenschiff {n}

banana boats Bananendampfer {pl}; Bananenschiffe {pl}

boat [listen] Boot {n}; Kahn {m} [listen] [listen]

boats Boote {pl}; Kähne {pl}

clincher-built boat Klinkerboot {n}

to be in the same boat [fig.] im gleichen Boot sitzen [übtr.]

cockle; cockleshell kleines Boot; Nussschale {f}

to lower a boat ein Boot aussetzen

We're all in the same boat. Wir sitzen alle in einem / im selbem Boot.

Two new junior authors have been brought on board for the project. [fig.] Zwei neue Jungautoren wurden für das Projekt mit ins Boot geholt. [übtr.]

ferry-boat; ferryboat; ferry [listen] Fährschiff {n}; Fähre {f} [naut.]

ferry-boats; ferryboats; ferries Fährschiffe {pl}; Fähren {pl}

suspension ferry Schwebefähre {f}; Fährbrücke {f}

rope ferry; cable ferry Seilfähre {f}

fire-fighting boat; fireboat Feuerlöschboot {n}

fire-fighting boats; fireboats Feuerlöschboote {pl}

fishing boat Fischerboot {n}

fishing boats Fischerboote {pl}

flying boat Flugboot {n}

flying boats Flugboote {pl}

keel boat Flussboot {n}

keel boats Flussboote {pl}

river boat; river barge Flusskahn {m}; Lastkahn {m}; Kanalschiff {n} [naut.]

river boats; river barges Flusskähne {pl}; Lastkähne {pl}; Kanalschiffe {pl}

rubber boat Gummiboot {n}

rubber boats Gummiboote {pl}

jolly boat; yawl (of a ship) Jolle {f} (eines Schiffs) [naut.] [hist.]

jolly boats; yawls Jollen {pl}

light rowing boat; wherry Kahn {m} [naut.] [listen]

light rowing boats; wherries Kähne {pl}

cabin boat Kajütboot {n} [naut.]

cabin boats Kajütboote {pl}

narrow boat; narrowboat Kanalboot {n}

narrow boats; narrowboats Kanalboote {pl}

fast patrol craft /FPC/; fast patrol boat /FPB/ Küstenschnellboot {n} [naut.]

fast patrol craft; fast patrol boats Küstenschnellboote {pl}

fast missile patrol boat Flugkörperschnellboot {n}

assault support patrol boat /ASPB/ Landungsunterstützungsboot {n} [mil.]

assault support patrol boats Landungsunterstützungsboote {pl}

pilot boat; pilot vessel Lotsenboot {n}

pilot boats; pilot vessels Lotsenboote {pl}

motor boat; motorboat Motorboot {n} [naut.]

motor boats; motorboats Motorboote {pl}

launch [listen] großes Motorboot

runabout [Am.] kleines offenes Motorboot

inboard-outboard Motorboot mit Innenbordmotor und Außenbordschraube

party boat Partyboot {n} [naut.]

party boats Partyboote {pl}

motor patrol craft; patrol craft /PC/; patrol boat Patrouillenboot {n}; Streifenboot {n}; Wachboot {n} [naut.]

motor patrol crafts; patrol crafts; patrol boats Patrouillenboote {pl}; Streifenboote {pl}; Wachboote {pl}

river patrol craft Flusspatrouillenboot {n}

racing boat; racer; powerboat Rennboot {n} [naut.]

racing boats; racers; powerboats Rennboote {pl}

dredging boat; drag boat; mud boat Sandräumer {m}; Modderprahm {m} [naut.]

dredging boats; drag boats; mud boats Sandräumer {pl}; Modderprahmen {pl}

sauce boat Sauciere {f}

sauce boats Saucieren {pl}

swing boat Schiffschaukel {f}

swing boats Schiffschaukeln {pl}

inflatable boat; inflateable; pneumatic boat Schlauchboot {n} [naut.]

inflatable boats; inflateables; pneumatic boats Schlauchboote {pl}

rigid-hulled inflatable boat /RHIB/; rigid inflatable boat /RIB/ Schlauchboot mit festem Rumpf; Festrumpfschlauchboot {n}

towing boat; towboat; tugboat; tug [listen] Schleppschiff {n}; Bugsierschiff {n}; Bugsierschlepper {m}; Schlepper {m} [naut.]

towing boats; towboats; tugboats; tugs Schleppschiffe {pl}; Bugsierschiffe {pl}; Bugsierschlepper {pl}; Schlepper {pl}

speedboat; high-speed patrol boat Schnellboot {n}

speedboats; high-speed patrol boats Schnellboote {pl}

sea rescue boat Seenotrettungsschiff {n}; Seenotschiff {n} [naut.]

sea rescue boats Seenotrettungsschiffe {pl}; Seenotschiffe {pl}

sailing boat [Br.]; sailboat [Am.] Segelboot {n} [naut.]

sailing boats; sailboats Segelboote {pl}

sloop-rigged sailing boat; skipjack [Am.] Segelboot mit Sluptakelung; Slup

blessing [listen] Segen {m}; Segnung {f} [relig.] [übtr.] [listen]

the blessings of the earth die Segnungen der Erde

The priest gave the blessing. Der Priester sprach den Segen.

The bishop performed the blessing of the fishing boats. Der Bischof nahm die Segnung der Fischerboote vor.

God's blessing gained, all is obtained. [prov.] An Gottes Segen ist alles gelegen. [Sprw.]

to rope sb./sth. together jdn./etw. (mit einem Seil) aneinanderbinden; zusammenbinden {vt} [listen]

The boats were roped together. Die Boote wurden aneinandergebunden.

Mountaineers rope themselves together for safety. Bergsteiger seilen sich zur Sicherheit aneinander.

assault boat Sturmboot {n}

assault boats Sturmboote {pl}

decoy ship; decovy vessel; special service ship; Q-ship; Q-boat; mystery ship Täuschungsschiff {n}; U-Boot-Falle {f} [mil.]

decoy ships; decovy vessels; special service ships; Q-ships; Q-boats; mystery ships Täuschungsschiffe {pl}; U-Boot-Fallen {pl}

torpedo boat Torpedoboot {n} [mil.]

torpedo boats Torpedoboote {pl}

hydrofoil boat; hydrofoil Tragflügelboot {n}; Tragflächenboot {n} [naut.]

hydrofoil boats; hydrofoils Tragflügelboote {pl}; Tragflächenboote {pl}

pedal boat; pedalo; paddle boat Tretboot {n}

pedal boats; pedalos; paddle boats Tretboote {pl}

submarine boat; submarine Unterseeboot {n}; U-Boot {n} [naut.]

submarine boats; submarines Unterseeboote {pl}; U-Boote {pl}

ballistic missile submarine U-Boot mit ballistischen Flugkörpern; BFK-U-Boot [mil.]

ballistic missile submarine /SSB/ BFK-U-Boot

cruise missile submarine /SSG/ Marschflugkörper-U-Boot

attack submarine /SS/ U-Jagd-U-Boot

U-boat deutsches U-Boot (im ersten/zweiten Weltkrieg)

pleasure craft; pleasure boat Vergnügungsboot {n} [naut.]

pleasure craft; pleasure boats Vergnügungsboote {pl}

whale spotting boat Walfang-Ausschauboot {n}

whale spotting boats Walfang-Ausschauboote {pl}

intertidal measurement boat Wattenmessboot {n}

intertidal measurement boats Wattenmessboote {pl}

boat [listen] Weihrauchschiffchen {n}; Schiffchen {n}; Naviculum {n} [relig.]

boats Weihrauchschiffchen {pl}; Schiffchen {pl}; Navicula {pl}

above (where?); over (where or where to?); across (where to?) [listen] [listen] [listen] über {prp; wo? +Dat.; wohin? +Akk.} [listen]

to be above the clouds über den / übern [ugs.] Wolken sein

to go across the road über die Straße gehen

right across the field quer über das Feld

I went over to say hello to him. Ich ging hinüber, um ihn zu begrüßen.

My cousin is coming over from Spain next week. Mein Cousin kommt nächste Woche aus Spanien herüber.

There are only five boats, so some people will have to swim over. Es gibt nur fünf Boote, einige werden also hinüberschwimmen müssen.

to hire out [Br.] (movable property); to let sth. (out) on hire [Br.]; to rent sth. [Am.] (to sb.) (bewegliche Sachen) vermieten {vt} (an jdn.) [listen]

hiring out; letting on hire; renting vermietend

hired out; let on hire; rented vermietet

The hotel also hires/rents out boats to guests. Das Hotel vermietet auch Boote an die Gäste.

dragon boat Drachenboot {n}

dragon boats Drachenboote {pl}
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