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93 results for axle
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axle [listen] Achse {f}; Welle {f} [listen] [listen]

axles Achsen {pl}

fixed axle feste Achse

axle [listen] Radachse {f}

axles Radachsen {pl}

axle assembly Achsaggregat {n} [auto]

axle assemblies Achsaggregate {pl}

axle configuration Achsaufbau {m} [auto]

axle mounting Achsaufhängung {f} [auto]

axle load Achsbelastung {f}

axle bolt Achsbolzen {n}

axle bolts Achsbolzen {pl}

axle beam Achsbrücke {f}

axle beams Achsbrücken {pl}

axle fracture Achsbruch {m}; Achsenbruch {m}

axle fractures Achsbrüche {pl}; Achsenbrüche {pl}

axle casing [Br.]; axle housing [Am.] Achsgehäuse {n}

axle geometry Achsgeometrie {f}

axle bracket; axle retainer Achshalter {m}; Achsstütze {f} [auto]

axle brackets; axle retainers Achshalter {pl}; Achsstützen {pl}

axle stirrup (of a tractor) Achshalter {m} (beim Traktor) [auto]

axle box; axle bearing Achslager {n} [techn.]

axle boxes; axle bearings Achslager {pl}

axle load; axle weight; load per axle Achslast {f} [auto]

axle guide (car, railway) Achslenker {m} (Auto, Bahn) [auto]

axle guides Achslenker {pl}

axle boot Achsmanschette {f} [techn.]

axle inclination Achsneigung {f}

axle tube Achsrohr {n}

axle tubes Achsrohre {pl}

axle oscillation Achsschwingung {f}

axle stub Achsstummel {m} [techn.]

axle stubs Achsstummel {pl}

axle counter; wheel counting device Achszähler {m}; Achszähleinrichtung {f} (Bahn)

axle counters; wheel counting devices Achszähler {pl}; Achszähleinrichtungen {pl}

axle counting system (railway) Achszählsystem {n} (Bahn)

axle counting systems Achszählsysteme {pl}

axle of a circular saw; axle of a buzz saw [Am.] Kreissägewelle {f}

axles of a circular saw; axles of a buzz saw Kreissägewellen {pl}

axle pulley (of a sash window) Schiebefensterrolle {f} (für das Gegengewicht) [constr.]

axle pulleys Schiebefensterrollen {pl}

axle ratio Achsübersetzung {f}

axle spacing; centre distance Achsabstand {m} (Fördertechnik) [mach.] [techn.]

axle assembly Achsaggregat {n} [techn.] [mach.]

axle part Achsenteil {n}; Achsteil {n} [techn.]

axle parts Achsenteile {pl}; Achsteile {pl}

axle spring Achsfeder {f} [techn.]

axle springs Achsfedern {pl}

axle drive Achsgetriebe {n} [mach.]

axle mounting Achsmontage {f} [techn.] [mach.]

axle system Achssystem {n} [techn.]

axle systems Achsysteme {pl}

stub axle Faustachse {f} [techn.]

stub axles Faustachsen {pl}

cranked stub axle gekröpfte Faustachse

wishbone axle Querlenkerachse {f} [auto]

wishbone axles Querlenkerachsen {pl}

double wishbone axle Doppel-Querlenkerachse

independent axle Schwingachse {f}

independent axles Schwingachsen {pl}

swing-axled mit Schwingachse versehen

type of axle Achsbauform {f}

types of axles Achsbauformen {pl}

axle-box guide (railway) Achshaltergleitführung {f}; Achslagerführung {f}; Achsbuchsenführung {f}; Radsatzlagerführung {f} (Bahn)

axle-guide stay (railway) Achshaltersteg {m}; Radsatzhaltersteg {m} (Bahn)

half-axle guard; axle keep plate; guide hornplate (railway) Achshalter {m}; Achsegabel {f} (Bahn)

half-axle guards; axle keep plates; guide hornplates Achshalter {pl}; Achsegabeln {pl}

axle-load distribution Achslastverteilung {f}

hub axle nut Achsmutter {f} [techn.]

hub axle nuts Achsmuttern {pl}

driving axle Antriebsachse {f} [techn.]

driving axles Antriebsachsen {pl}

drive axle Antriebsachse {f} [auto]

drive axles Antriebsachsen {pl}

dolly axle Dolly-Achse {f}; Hilfsachse {f} für Sattelauflieger [auto]

dolly axles Dolly-Achsen {pl}; Hilfsachsen {pl} für Sattelauflieger

fork axle Gabelachse {f}

fork axles Gabelachsen {pl}

rear wheel drive; rear axle drive Hinterachsantrieb {m} [auto]

rear axle; back axle Hinterachse {f} [auto]

rear axles; back axles Hinterachsen {pl}

rear-axle casing; rear-axle housing Hinterachsgehäuse {n} [auto]

rear-axle casings; rear-axle housings Hinterachsgehäuse {pl}

rear-axle casing cover Hinterachsgehäusedeckel {m} [auto]

rear-axle casing covers Hinterachsgehäusedeckel {pl}

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