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what [listen] was; wie; welche; das {pron} [listen] [listen] [listen]

what's was ist

What about me? Und was ist mit mir?; Und wo bleibe ich?; Und ich?

What's your address? Wie ist deine Adresse?

On what day? An welchem Tag?

It's amazing what's out there! Was es nicht alles gibt!

The things you do for beauty! Was tut man nicht alles für die Schönheit!

in addition; additionally; besides; what is more; moreover (formal) (as an additional aspect) [listen] [listen] [listen] [listen] außerdem; noch dazu; zudem [geh.]; überdies [geh.] {adv} (als zusätzlicher Aspekt) [listen] [listen]

and additionally und außerdem

what is now heutig (anders als früher) {adj}

what is now a ruin die heutige Ruine

so called; so-called (ironically); what (some) people would call/may call [listen] so genannt; sogenannt {adj}

at what; how [listen] wobei {pron} (Frage) [listen]

what ... for; what ... of wonach (Frage)

What are you looking for? Wonach suchst du?

with what; what ... with womit {pron} (Frage)

on what?; upon what? worauf {pron} (Frage)

What are you waiting for? Worauf wartest du?

how; by what (means); by which (means); in what way [listen] wodurch {adv} (Frage)

from what; what ... from? wovon {adv}

What are you talking about? Wovon sprechen Sie?

to what; what ... to?; what ... for? [listen] wozu {adv}

What is that supposed to be good for? Wozu soll das gut sein?

for what; what ... for? wofür {pron} (Frage)

What do you take me for? Wofür halten Sie mich?

how far; to what extent inwieweit {adv}

What's up?; Sup? [coll.]; Wazzz up? [slang]; How's the crack?; What's cracking? [Ir.] [coll.] Was ist los?; Was geht ab? (Jugendsprache); Was geht? (Jugendsprache)

Hey dude, what's up? Was geht, Alter?

what has been said das Gesagte {n} [ling.]

He took back what he had said. Er nahm das Gesagte zurück.

what seems/seemed (like/about) ... (to me) gefühlt {adv} (nach dem subjektiven Eindruck) [ugs.]

what seems/seemed like/about 100 times gefühlt 100 Mal; gefühlte 100 Mal

what if und was geschieht, wenn

what ... of; before what?; what ... before? wovor {adv}

What are you afraid of? Wovor fürchtest du dich?

What page, please? Auf welcher Seite, bitte?

What a sight! Das ist ein Bild für die Götter!

What I had in mind ... Das, woran ich dachte ...

What line are you in? In welcher Branche bist du?

What am I going to do now? Nun ist guter Rat teuer.

What can I do for you? Sie wünschen?; Was darf es sein?

What a lot (load) of rubbish! So ein Quatsch!

What cheek!; Confound his impudence! So eine Frechheit!; Was für eine Frechheit!

What a dirty trick!; What rotten luck! So eine Gemeinheit!

What a frost! So eine Pleite!

What next? Was denn noch?

What considerations? Was für Erwägungen?

What nonsense! Was für Unsinn!

What a pantomime! Was für ein Theater!

What a beauty! Was für ein Prachtexemplar!

What a nerve! Was für eine Unverschämtheit!

What makes him tick? Was geht in ihm vor?

What does the weather look like to you? Was halten Sie vom Wetter?

What have you been up to? Was hast du nun angestellt?

What have you done? Was hast du nun angestellt?

What has become of it? Was ist daraus geworden?

What racket are you in? Was ist dein Job?

What are the plans for today? Was ist für heute vorgesehen?

What possessed you to do that? Was ist in Sie gefahren, so etwas zu tun?

What possessed you to do that? Was ist in dich gefahren, so etwas zu tun?

What of it! Was ist schon dabei?

What remains to be done? Was kann man noch tun?

What are you up to? Was machst du?; Was hast du vor?

What is your opinion? Was meinen Sie dazu?

What next? Was nun?

What is your profession? Was sind Sie von Beruf?

What does that mean? Was soll das bedeuten?

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