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engineering; technology [listen] [listen] Technik {f} [listen]

technologies Techniken {pl}

a masterpiece of engineering ein Meisterwerk der Technik

basic design; basic engineering; conceptual design; conceptual engineering Planung {f}; Konzeptentwurf {m} (Auslegung) [listen]

mechanical engineering Maschinenbau {m}; Maschinenwesen {n} [listen]

genetic engineering; gene technology [listen] Gentechnik {f}; Gentechnologie {f}

related to genetic engineering (after the noun) gentechnisch {adj}

genetically; through genetic engineering gentechnisch {adv}

genetically manipulated gentechnisch manipuliert

Engineering Equipment Operator [Am.] Baumaschinenführer {m} [mil.]

engineering [listen] Ingenieurwesen {n}; Ingenieurswesen {n}

engineering science Ingenieurwissenschaft {f}

engineering works Maschinenfabrik {f}

engineering film Technikfilm {m} [übtr.]

engineering films Technikfilme {pl}

engineering mechanics Technische Mechanik {f}

engineering data Fertigungsunterlagen {pl} [techn.]

product specification Fertigungsunterlagen {pl}

engineering [listen] ingenieurwissenschaftlich {adj}

engineering department; design office Konstruktionsabteilung {f}

engineering achievement Ingenieurleistung {f}

engineering design Konstruktionslehre {f}

engineering geology Ingenieurgeologie {f} [geol.]

process engineering Verfahrenstechnik {f} [techn.]

mechanical process engineering mechanische Verfahrenstechnik {f}

thermic process engineering thermische Verfahrenstechnik {f}

waste engineering; waste-disposal technology Abfalltechnik {f}

interceptor sewer (water engineering) Abfangleitung {f} (Wasserbau)

flattening material (nuclear engineering) Abflachungsmittel {n} (Kerntechnik)

flow attenuation; discharge reduction (water engineering) Abflussverringerung {f}; Abflussreduktion {f} (Wasserbau)

orbit shift coil (nuclear engineering) Ablenkspule {f} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

spent fuel rack; birdcage (nuclear engineering) Abstandsgestell {n}; Sicherheitsbehälter {m} (Kerntechnik)

American Society of Mechanical Engineering /ASME/ Amerikanische Gesellschaft der Maschinenbauer

requirement engineering Anforderungsanalyse {f}

plant engineering; plant construction Anlagenbau {m} [techn.]

plant operations engineering Anlagenbetriebstechnik {f}

installation engineering Anlagentechnik {f}

propulsion technology; drive engineering Antriebstechnik {f} [techn.]

electrical drive engineering elektrische Antriebstechnik {f}

applications engineering Anwendungstechnik {f}

apparatus engineering Apparatebau {m}

impoundment (water engineering) Aufstauen {f}; Aufstauung {f}; Stauen {n}; Stauung {f} (Wasserbau)

strut member; member (structural steel engineering) [listen] Ausfachungsstab {m} (Stahlbau) [constr.]

automation; automation engineering [listen] Automatisierungstechnik {f}

baryon (nuclear engineering) Baryon {n} (Kerntechnik)

baryon number (nuclear engineering) Baryonenzahl {f} (Kerntechnik)

building engineering; architectural engineering Bauingenieurwesen {n}

civil engineering Bauingenieurwesen {n}; Ingenieurbau {m}

construction steel; structural steel; engineering steel Baustahl {m} [constr.]

general engineering steels allgemeine Baustähle

structural engineering; construction engineering Bautechnik {f}; Bauwesen {n} [constr.]

civil engineering; architecture [listen] Bauwesen {n}

plant load factor (nuclear engineering) Belastbarkeit {f} der Anlage (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

feed; supply (nuclear engineering) [listen] [listen] Beschickung {f} (Kerntechnik)

management engineering Betriebstechnik {f}

to batten sth.; to join sth. with batten plates (structural steel engineering) etw. mit Bindeblechen verbinden (Stahlbau) {vt} [constr.]

battened stanchion (structural steel engineering) mit Bindeblechen zusammengesetzte Stütze {f} (Stahlbau) [constr.]

bionics; bionical creativity engineering; biomimetics; biognosis; biomimicry Bionik {f}

slug (nuclear engineering) [listen] Block {m} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

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