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people; folk [Am.]; folks [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Leute {pl}; Menschen {pl} [soc.] [listen] [listen]

the common people die einfachen Leute

most people [listen] die meisten Leute; die meisten Menschen

these kind of people solche Leute

youths junge Leute

older people alte Menschen

people of position Leute von Rang

to make sth. public etw. unter die Leute bringen

so called; so-called (ironically); what (some) people would call/may call [listen] so genannt; sogenannt {adj}

people [listen] Volk {n} [listen]

peoples Völker {pl}

all the peoples of the world alle Völker der Erde

hoi polloi das gemeine Volk; die Masse

to wait at table [Br.]; to wait on tables/people [Am.] (in a restaurant) (im Restaurant) servieren; bedienen {vi} [cook.] [listen]

a majority of people mehrheitlich {adv}

The majority of the villagers are Protestants. Das Dorf ist mehrheitlich evangelisch.

people's party Volkspartei {f} [pol.]

people's parties Volksparteien {pl}

to people bevölkern {vt}

peopling bevölkernd

peopled bevölkert

peoples bevölkert

peopled bevölkerte

People of the Book Anhänger {pl} der heiligen Schrift [relig.]

people smuggler Menschenschmuggler {m}

people smugglers Menschenschmuggler {pl}

people associated with ... Personen aus dem Umfeld von ...

people of your kind euresgleichen {pron}

people like us; our equals unseresgleichen {pron}

people smuggling Schlepperei {f}; Menschenschmuggel {m}

People (who live) in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. [fig.] Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen. [übtr.]

his equals; people of his kind seinesgleichen {pron}

to have no equals; to be unparalleled seinesgleichen suchen

He was well-liked by his peers. Er war sehr beliebt bei seinesgleichen.

As a musician he has no peer. Als Musiker sucht er seinesgleichen.

He has not his fellow. Er hat nicht seinesgleichen.

to recommend sb./sth. to others; to recommend sb./sth. to other people jdn./etw. weiterempfehlen {vt}

recommending to others; recommending to other people weiterempfehlend

recommended to others; recommended to other people weiterempfohlen

Please tell your firends about us! Bitte empfehlen Sie uns weiter!

security people Sicherheitsleute {pl}

security guards Sicherheitsleute {pl}

security staff Sicherheitsleute {pl}

security [listen] Sicherheitsleute {pl}

mixed court of judge and lay people Schöffengericht {n} [jur.]

mixed courts of judge and lay people Schöffengerichte {pl}

mixed court of two judges and lay people erweitertes Schöffengericht [Dt.]

flat-sharing community; shared apartment; people sharing a flat Wohngemeinschaft {f} /WG/

to share a flat with several other people in einer Wohngemeinschaft leben

supervised flat-sharing community betreute Wohngemeinschaft

private people Privatleute {pl}

private persons Privatleute {pl}

private citizens Privatleute {pl}

Akan people Akan {pl} [soc.]

Aleut people Aleuten {pl}; Alëuten {pl} [soc.]

old people's welfare Altenhilfe {f}

old people's nurse; geriatric nurse Altenpfleger {m}; Altenpflegerin {f}; Altenhelfer {m}; Altenhelferin {f}

old people's nurses; geriatric nurses Altenpfleger {pl}; Altenpflegerinnen {pl}; Altenhelfer {pl}; Altenhelferinnen {pl}

retirement home; old people's home; senior-citizens home; rest home [listen] Altersheim {n}; Altenheim {n}; Altenwohnheim {n}

retirement homes; old people's homes; senior-citizens homes; rest homes Altersheime {pl}; Altenheime {pl}; Altenwohnheime {pl}

poor people's food Arme-Leute-Essen {n}

transport for disabled people Behindertentransport {m}

grandparent scam; grandson scam (fraud against elderly people) Bekanntentrick {m}; Enkeltrick {m}; Neffentrick {m} (Betrug an älteren Menschen)

to have connections; to know the right people [listen] Beziehungen haben; die richtigen Leute kennen

flower people Blumenkinder {pl}; Hippies {pl}

moving walkway [Br.]; moving sidewalk [Am.]; horizontal escalator; travelator; walkalator; autowalk; movator; people mover [coll.] rollender Bürgersteig {m}; rollender Gehsteig {m} [Ös.]; Rollsteig {m}; Fahrsteig {m}; horizonale Rolltreppe {f}; Laufband {n} [ugs.]

Dai people Dai {pl} [soc.] [hist.]

village youth; country youth; young people of the village; young hicks [pej.] Dorfjugend {f}

training for people starting up their own business Existenzgründer-Training {n}

the congregation (the people assembled in a church service, not including the priest and choir) die Gemeinde; das Volk (bei einem Gottesdienst) [relig.]

prying into other people's political convictions Gesinnungsschnüffelei {f}

very old people Hochbetagten {pl}; Hochbetagte

notabilities; dignitaries; prominent people Honoratioren {pl}; wichtige Persönlichkeiten

Jingpo people; Jingpho people; Kachin people Jingpo {pl}; Jingpho {pl}; Kachin {pl} [soc.]

youth center; young people's home Jugendheim {n}

youth centers Jugendheime {pl}

help for young people Jugendhilfe {f}

care of children and young people Kinder- und Jugendlichenpflege {f} [soc.]

cultural professionals; those involved in culture; people engaged in the cultural sector Kulturschaffende {pl}

in full view of people/the public; for all to see; in the open; coram populo vor allen Leuten; vor aller Augen; vor aller Welt; in aller Öffentlichkeit; coram publico [geh.] {adv} [soc.]

Lozi people Lozi {pl}; Lotse {pl}; Rotse {pl} [soc.]

my family; my people; mine; those close to me; significant others die Meinigen

cloud of people; knot of people Menschentraube {f}

clouds of people; knots of people Menschentrauben {pl}

Moro people Moros {pl} [soc.]

primitive people Naturvolk {n}

Austrian People's Party Österreichische Volkspartei {f} /ÖVP/ [pol.]

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