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Gas {n} [phys.] gas [listen]

Gase {pl} gases

brennbares Gas; Brenngas {n} burnable gas

trockenes Gas; abgestreiftes Gas stripped gas

auf Gas kochen to cook by gas

Gaspedal {n}; Gas {n} [ugs.] [auto] accelerator pedal; accelerator; gas pedal [Am.]; gas [Am.] [coll.] [listen] [listen]

Gaspedale {pl} accelerator pedals; accelerators; gas pedals

aufs Gas steigen to step on the gas [Am.]

Benzin {n}; Sprit {m} [ugs.] [listen] petrol [Br.]; gasoline [Am.]; gas [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen]

mercaptanfreies Benzin sweet gasoline

Katalytbenzin {n} catalytic petrol [Br.]; catalytic gasoline [Am.]

Benzin schluckend [ugs.] gas-guzzling

Erdgas {n} natural gas; rock gas

komprimiertes Erdgas compressed natural gas /CNG/

Tankstelle {f} [auto] [listen] filling station; fuelling station; service station; petrol station [Br.]; gas station [Am.] [listen]

Tankstellen {pl} filling stations; fuelling stations; service stations; petrol stations; gas stations

Automatentankstelle {f} unattended filling station

Selbstbedienungstankstelle {f} self-service filling station

Gas-und-Dampf-Kombikraftwerk {n}; Kombikraftwerk {n} combined cycle gas turbine plant; CCGT plant; CCGT power station [Br.] CCGT power plant [Am.]; combined cycle power plant /CCPP/ [Am.]

Gas-und-Dampf-Kombikraftwerke {pl}; Kombikraftwerke {pl} combined cycle gas turbine plants; CCGT plants; CCGT power station CCGT power plants; combined cycle power plants

Kombikraftwerk mit befeuertem Abhitzekessel CCGT power plant with supplementary firing/heating

Kombikraftwerk mit Druckkohlenstaubfeuerung; Kombikraftwerk mit direkt befeuerter Gasturbine pressurized pulverized coal combustion combined cycle plant; PPCC combined cycle power plant; direct coal-fired combined cycle power plant

Kombikraftwerk mit Druckwirbelschichtfeuerung pressurized fluidized bed combustion combined cycle plant; PFBC combined cycle power plant; combined-cycle power plant with pressurized fluidized bed combustion

Kombikraftwerk mit geringer Zusatzfeuerung combined cycle plant with limited supplementary firing/heating

Kombikraftwerk mit maximaler Zusatzfeuerung maximally/fully fired combined cycle plant

Kombikraftwerk mit Zusatzfeuerung CCGT power plant with supplementary firing/heating; combined-cycle plant with supplementary firing/heating

Kombikraftwerk mit integrierter Kohlevergasung integrated coal gasification combined cycle power plant /IGCC/; coal-fired integrated gasification combined-cycle plant; combined cycle plant with coal gasification

Kombikraftwerk mit nicht befeuertem Abhitzekessel CCGT power plant with no supplementary firing/heating; combined-cycle power plant without additional firing/heating

Gasbrenner {m} gas burner

Gasbrenner {pl} gas burners

atmosphärischer Gasbrenner atmospheric burner; venturi burner

Gaseigenschaft {f} [chem.] gas property

Gaseigenschaften {pl} gas properties

optische und thermische Gaseigenschaften optical and thermal gas properties

Gasangriff {m} [mil.] gas attack

Gasangriffe {pl} gas attacks

Gasbehälter {m}; Gastank {m}; Gasometer {m} (veraltend) gas holder; gas tank; gasometer

Gasbehälter {pl}; Gastanks {pl}; Gasometer {pl} gas holders; gas tanks; gasometers

Gasblase {f}; Gaspore {f}; Blase {f} (beim Schweißen) [techn.] gas pocket (in welding)

Gasblasen {pl}; Gasporen {pl}; Blasen {pl} gas pockets

Gasbombe {f} [mil.] gas bomb

Gasbomben {pl} gas bombs

Gasdruckdämpfer {m} [techn.] gas-pressure shock absorber; gas-pressure damper

Gasdruckdämpfer {pl} gas-pressure shock absorbers; gas-pressure dampers

Gasdüse {f} [techn.] gas nozzle

Gasdüsen {pl} gas nozzles

Gaseinschluss {m}; Gasblase {f}; Blase {f} (beim Schweißen) [techn.] gas pocket; pocket; blowhole (in welding) [listen]

Gaseinschlüsse {pl}; Gasblasen {pl}; Blasen {pl} gas pockets; pockets; blowholes

Gaseintrittsstutzen {m} [mach.] gas inlet branch; gas inlet connection; gas inlet nozzle

Gaseintrittsstutzen {pl} gas inlet branches; gas inlet connections; gas inlet nozzles

Gasfackel {f} gas flare

Gasfackeln {pl} gas flares

Gasflasche {f} gas bottle; gas cylinder

Gasflaschen {pl} gas bottles; gas cylinders

Gasgrill {m}; Gasgriller {m} [cook.] gas grill

Gasgrills {pl}; Gasgriller {pl} gas grills

Gashahn {m} gas tap

Gashähne {pl} gas taps

Gasheizung {f} gas heating

Gasheizungen {pl} gas heatings

Gasheizkessel {m} gas boiler

Gasheizkessel {pl} gas boilers

Gasherd {m} gas stove; gas cooker [Br.]; gas range [Am.]

Gasherde {pl} gas stoves; gas cookers; gas ranges

Gasiermaschine {f}; Sengmaschine {f}; Flammmaschine {f} [textil.] gas singeing machine; singeing machine

Gasiermaschinen {pl}; Sengmaschinen {pl}; Flammmaschinen {pl} gas singeing machines; singeing machines

Gaskammer {f} gas chamber

Gaskammern {pl} gas chambers

Gaskessel {m} [mach.] gas-fired boiler

Gaskessel {pl} gas-fired boilers

Gaskocher {m} gas cooker

Gaskocher {pl} gas cookers

Gas-Kombiwasserheizer {m}; Kombikessel {m}; Kombitherme {f}; Gas-Kombitherme {f}; Gastherme {f}; Therme {f} [ugs.] [Ös.] gas combination boiler; combination boiler; combi [coll.]

Gas-Kombiwasserheizer {pl}; Kombikessel {pl}; Kombithermen {pl}; Gas-Kombithermen {pl}; Gasthermen {pl}; Thermen {pl} gas combination boilers; combination boilers; combis

Gaskompressor {m} gas compressor

Gaskompressoren {pl} gas compressors

Gaskraftwerk {n} gas-fired power plant

Gaskraftwerke {pl} gas-fired power plants

Gasleitung {f} gas main; gas line

Gasleitungen {pl} gas mains

Gasmaske {f} gas mask

Gasmasken {pl} gas masks

Gasmotor {m} gas engine

Gasmotoren {pl} gas engines

Gasnetz {n} gas distribution system

Gasnetze {pl} gas distribution systems

Gasofen {n} gas oven

Gasöfen {pl} gas ovens

Gasprobenahme {f} gas sampling

Gasprobenahmen {pl} gas samplings

Gasregelventil {n} gas control valve

Gasregelventile {pl} gas control valves

Gasrohr {n}; Gasleitung {f} gas tube

Gasrohre {pl}; Gasleitungen {pl} gas tubes

Gassammelrohr {n}; Doppelhahnrohr {n}; Gasmaus {f} [chem.] gas collection tube

Gassammelrohre {pl}; Doppelhahnrohre {pl}; Gasmäuse {pl} gas collection tubes

Gassauger {m}; Exhaustor {m} gas exhauster

Gassauger {pl}; Exhaustoren {pl} gas exhausters

Gasstreit {m} gas dispute

der Gasstreit zwischen Russland und der Ukraine the gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine

Gasteilchen {n}; Gaspartikel {n} [chem.] [phys.] gas particle

Gasteilchen {pl}; Gaspartikel {pl} gas particles

Gastrockner {m} gas dryer

Gastrockner {pl} gas dryers

Gasturbine {f} gas turbine

Gasturbinen {pl} gas turbines

Gasuhr {f} gas meter

Gasuhren {pl} gas meters

Gaswascher {m}; Gaswäscher {m} [chem.] gas scrubber; flue scrubber

Gaswascher {pl}; Gaswäscher {pl} gas scrubbers; flue scrubbers

Gaswerk {n} gas works; gas plant

Gaswerke {pl} gas works; gas plants

Gasanzeigegerät {n} [techn.] gas indicator; gas detector

Gasanzeigegeräte {pl} gas indicators; gas detectors

Gasausbruch {m} [geol.] gas eruption; gas blow-out; blast of gas; outburst of gas

Gasausbrüche {pl} gas eruptions; gas blow-outs; blasts of gas; outbursts of gas

Gasbohrung {f} [min.] gas well; gasser

Gasbohrungen {pl} gas wells; gassers

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