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Investition {f}; Anlage {f}; Kapitalanlage {f} [listen] [listen] investment; capital investment [listen]

Investitionen {pl}; Anlagen {pl}; Kapitalanlagen {pl} [listen] investments

die Investition hereinwirtschaften to recoup one's initial outlay; to recoup one's investment

Gesamtinvestition {f} total investment

erstklassige Kapitalanlage choice investment

kurzfristige Anlage short-term investment

langfristige Anlage long-term investment

mittelfristige Anlage medium-term investment

Schatzanweisung {f} (langfristig) [fin.] treasury bond; exchequer bond [Br.]

Schatzanweisungen {pl} treasury bonds; exchequer bonds

mittelfristige Schatzanweisung treasury note [Am.]

unverszinsliche Schatzanweisung; U-Schatz discountable treasury bond; non-interest (bearing) treasury bond

verzinsliche Schatzanweisung interest-bearing treasury bond