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bewegliche Samenzelle {f}; Spermium {n}; Spermatozoon {n}; Spermatozoid {n} [biol.] motile sperm cell; spermatozoon

bewegliche Samenzellen {pl}; Spermien {pl}; Spermatozoen {pl}; Spermatozoiden {pl} motile sperm cells; spermatozoa

bewegliche Verbindung {f} strappable connection

Mobilien {pl}; Mobiliar {n}; bewegliche Sachen; bewegliches Habe movables; chattels

bewegliches Eigentum goods and chattels

persönliches Gut; bewegliches Gut; Hausrat personal chattels

vorgeschobene bewegliche Radarstation {f}; Radarpicket {n} [mil.] radar picket

Flussbett {n} [geogr.] river bed; riverbed; stream bed

Flussbetten {pl} river beds; riverbeds; stream beds

altes Flussbett old course

bewegliche Sohle movable bed

Vertiefung des Flussbettes deepening of the river bed

Gitter {n} [listen] grid [listen]

Gitter {pl} [listen] grids

bewegliche Gitter moving grids

Kupplung {f} [listen] coupling [listen]

bewegliche Kupplung; elastische Kupplung flexible coupling; elastic coupling

starre Kupplung rigid coupling

(bewegliche Sachen) vermieten {vt} (an jdn.) [listen] to hire out [Br.] (movable property); to let sth. (out) on hire [Br.]; to rent sth. [Am.] (to sb.)

vermietend hiring out; letting on hire; renting

vermietet hired out; let on hire; rented

Das Hotel vermietet auch Boote an die Gäste. The hotel also hires/rents out boats to guests.